POP Comics® Showcase: Victory

Victory is a superhero webcomic about a mystical, otherworldly sword that
transformed into a living being, gifted with great power. Now, he has
become Cheongia City’s first resident superhero.

POP Comics® Showcase: SugarStars

For years now, Princess Vitaliese has upheld a certain tradition. On the
26th of June, she breaks the barrier that separates the universe she rules
from the universe of the living, pulling new victims into the realm of the
dead. Why? What else would it be, if not for entertainment, and for simple
sheer company. This year, though, she has a different plan in mind…
Follow our protagonists on their travel through ghostly dimensions, in
their attempt to go back home.

POP Comics® Showcase: SugarStars

When the girl you love gets kidnapped by aliens, and is taken to another
planet, how do you go about getting her back?

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: The Fifth Power

The Fifth Power is an action seinen manga that takes place in Japan. The
main character Masaru is Daisuke’s disciple and a follower of the Forth
Power school. A military commander chooses him to do a dangerous mission…

POP Comics® Creator Showcase: Dredious

This week on POP Showcase we’re doing something a little different: instead
of a single title, we’re featuring artist Dredious and his various titles
available on POP Comics!

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Oshimaro

Oshimaro lives in a world full of adventures and mysteries, where a young
boy is meant to save an ancient race to stop the evil plans of conquering
the universe!

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Model Student

Kaiya Sasaki is accepted into Last Hope High School, a school that has a
modeling program open for all students. It’s Kaiya’s dream to be a top
model like her mother and show the world that she is not the shy girl
everyone sees her as. Her motto is if you don’t lose focus, you’ll be fine!
That is until she meets a boy named Daisuke Yamaguchi…