Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Oshimaro

Oshimaro lives in a world full of adventures and mysteries, where a young
boy is meant to save an ancient race to stop the evil plans of conquering
the universe!

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Model Student

Kaiya Sasaki is accepted into Last Hope High School, a school that has a
modeling program open for all students. It’s Kaiya’s dream to be a top
model like her mother and show the world that she is not the shy girl
everyone sees her as. Her motto is if you don’t lose focus, you’ll be fine!
That is until she meets a boy named Daisuke Yamaguchi…

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: #Villainous

Residing out in deep space, aboard a galactic space station, on the
outskirts of the known Universe, where the criminals roam free and the
outlords rule the stars. Being a villain ain’t easy, man…

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Side By Side

Side By Side is a story about 6 kingdoms, with each kingdom controling a
special type of magical power.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Hot Metal Miami

Hot Metal Miami is a neo-noir crime saga spanning the 1980s. In a city
awash with money, drugs and corruption, a young group of girls band
together seeking vengeance, all the while unraveling a sinister conspiracy.
A ruthless portrait of the American fever dream.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Secret Inspector!

During the Chosun period of Korea, many government officials would use
their power and influence for their own personal gain. For this reason, the
king has appointed a few select people to police the government and the
people. But what do you do when mysterious murders occur in the shadows of
night? You call the Secret Inspector!

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Drakon Forge

Drakon Forge follows Aidan Keith and his quest to find answers to what
happened to his father. The sub plot is about each of the young heroes
pursuing their dreams, Aidan wants to be the strongest warrior, Sylvia
wants to be the best blacksmith.