A Different Kind of Crossed Tale

Simon Spurrier has helped to usher in new visions in the grueling world of the Crossed with his incredible Wish You Were Here story line.  And now he puts his unique stamp on another dark corner of the Crossed universe … Continue reading

Alan Moore’s Crossed +100 #3 in Stores Now!

Alan Moore’s legion of fans have been closely watching as his vision for the future of horror in the Crossed universe plays out for Future and her friends.  After nearly a hundred years the Crossed are starting to appear again … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 2/18/15

These are the new Avatar Press books coming to local comic shops on Wednesday 2/18/15: Crossed: Badlands #72 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Around every corner is a grinning madman waiting to commit the worst atrocities imaginable to you. David Hine … Continue reading

Step Inside the Future of Crossed

Alan Moore has redefined the comics medium multiple times with revolutionary stories that have a place of reverence within the reading community.  Last year in God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha he lent his distinctive voice to the deity … Continue reading

Crossed: Badlands #70

The big finale to David Lapham’s revenge arc of Crossed: Badlands comes to a powerful conclusion with issue #70.  We’ve seen Gavin Land’s life go from a normal family life to a psychologically shattered existence over the course of this … Continue reading

New In August Previews – Crossed Vol 10 TPB

Garth Ennis’ long awaited patient zero story, “The Thin Red Line” from the recent Crossed: Badlands #50 – 56 run is collected in Crossed Vol 10 Trade Paperback this month in the August issue of Previews.  If you were one of the … Continue reading