So far in the Final Quest, we’ve learned that several Sun Villagers that we’ve met over the decades have survived volcanic eruptions, war with the Go-Backs and even human invasion of Sorrow’s End. In the latest issue, another fan favorite character joins the ranks of those beloved one-time villagers who are still with us after millennia of survival on the World of Two Moons.

Anahvi and M’Ren

Elves of the Future


Anahvi and M’Ren are a coupled pair of elves living in the Palace in future times, after the elves have left the World of Two Moons. They are contemporaries of Jink and The Rebels.
Anahvi is sharp and headstrong while M’Ren is of a more accommodating nature. Both use the ability to glide, at least when they are in traveling through space in the Palace.
What their roles in the Palace are, to whom they are related, and their part in the bigger ElfQuest tale are stories that remain to be told.


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