Lori Petty

Lori Petty is an actress, film director and screenwriter. She is best known for her roles as Tank Girl in the Tank Girl film, Lolly on Orange is the New Black, Tyler Endicott in Point Break, and Kit Keller in A League of Their Own. Read More …

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Last day to order these titles! The Life After Volume 2,…

The Life After V2 Kaijumax #6 Kaijumax #6 Gabo Variant Stringers #2 Stringers #2 Brahm Revel Variant Rick and Morty #6 Rick and Morty #6 Andrew MacLean Variant Last day to order these titles! The Life After Volume 2, Kaijumax #6 and Gabo variant…

News & Reviews – 8/15/15The Bunker: “I have to come back…

News & Reviews – 8/15/15

The Bunker: “I have to come back issue after issue just to see what’s going to happen next.“

Kaijumax’s balance of human vs kaiju drama.

Comic Bastards is on board for an adorably gruesome issue of Kaijumax

HorrorTalk on the backstory and heartbreak of The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead

Marc Guggenheim talks with CBR about his television series and upcoming Oni Press comic, Stringers!

The upcoming Another Castle lands on Comicosity’s list of 8 great non-traditional princess characters

Broken Frontier praises The Lion of Rora for its elevation of an already great historical tale and the masterful linework

MTV ranks Scott Pilgrim vs the World’s Evil Exes in celebration of the film’s fifth anniversary

Helheim’s Joelle Jones and Wet Moon’s Sophie Campbell are named to Ten Women You Should Be Watching in Comics

News & Reviews – 8/1/2015Kaijumax is chosen as one of…

News & Reviews – 8/1/2015

Kaijumax is chosen as one of Kotaku’s Five New Comics to check out.

Kaijumax: “Amidst the kaiju-gang dynamics, threads of superpowered corruption, and
extraterrestrial gambling rings, is a cast of characters that gets more
entertaining with each issue.“

Invader Zim and Rick and Morty are at the top of advance reorders to meet massive demand from comic fans!

Kids Comics interviews the Junior Braves of the Apocalypse team on what’s essential in creating a comic for younger audiences.

Cullen Bunn & Drew Moss’ Terrible Lizard is “Parent tested, kid approved!”

The Sixth Gun chosen as one of summer’s best Wild West titles by Amazon Book Review

In stores today: The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #2, Letter 44…

The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #2 Letter 44 #18 Kaijumax #4 Kaijumax #4 Adam Warren Variant In stores today: The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #2, Letter 44 #18, Kaijumax #4 and the Adam Warren variant.

News & Reviews – 6/27/15Introducing the most insane Rick and…

News & Reviews – 6/27/15

Introducing the most insane Rick and Morty comic issue fans never expected to see.

Comics Alliance interviews Kaijumax creator Zander Cannon about creating his own giant monster prison.

Lawrence Public Library in Kansas shares their love for all things Scott Pilgrim.

Stumptown #6 is “all done with such care.“

“There is no question. If you love the Scott Pilgrim series, you need to own this.”

Cullen Bunn on bringing The Sixth Gun to a close, Hellbreak and the upcoming Blood Feud.