The Walking Dead Season 7 Special Edition DVD Set Revealed

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Date & Key Art Revealed

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The Walking Dead Issue #172 & Book 14 Covers Revealed!

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The Final Post! Day 31 of the Fifth Annual Costoberfest; a…

The Final Post! Day 31 of the Fifth Annual Costoberfest; a celebration of Marvel Cosplay and Costuming from around the World!


like to introduce you to the Lady Avengers group, including Rosellen Cosplay, Gingersnap, Ekko Cosplay, Lightened Skies Cosplay, Beyond Believing Cosplay, Twisted Reality Cosplay, Xanthe Flora Cosplay, Songbird Cosplay, Torn Pages Cosplay, Ash-Sama Cosplay, Freijya, Kelly and Ria. Plus Moonlit Marathon Cosplay as Singularity, Gil as Wonder Man, Hildrhien as Sif, Lux Laterna as Hawkeye and Jamie Coastworth & Stretch Stockpile as Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2099!

Photography provided by Kaiju Industries, Moonlit Marathon Cosplay, Gil, In2thereview, Lux Laterna and Carlos Adama.


We want to thank the over 300 cosplayers and costumers that submitted their photos to this year’s Costoberfest! It was a tremendous success with over 150 costumers spotlighted throughout the 31 days. Stay tuned to the Costoberfest Hub as we post even more of the submissions in the next few days. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

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Garth Ennis Begins War Stories: Tokyo Club Arc

Garth Ennis is well known for telling gripping stories of battle and war.  New in the August Previews for October on sale, War Stories #13 debuts a new three part tale called “Tokyo Club.”  This is the latest installment of … Continue reading

Blood Feud, a Southern tale of vampires, necromancers, horrific…

Blood Feud, a Southern tale of vampires, necromancers, horrific spiders and family feuds that survive beyond the grave, from Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Hellbreak), Drew Moss (Terrible Lizard) and Nick Filardi (Helheim). Coming this October! More info:

PORTLAND, OR March 22nd, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today Blood Feud, a Southern horror series by Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Hellbreak), Drew Moss (Terrible Lizard), and Nick Filardi (Helheim, Brides of Helheim). Blood Feud will release on October 7th.

Blood Feud is a Southern tale of vampires, necromancers, horrific spiders and family feuds that survive beyond the grave. Writer Cullen Bunn adds, “Subtitled ‘A Vampire Yarn… With Spiders,’ Blood Feud is a book that means a lot to me on a lot of different levels. It’s a story that’s been with me for years, and the characters are, in one way or another, people who were important in my life, especially while I was growing up in rural North Carolina and Missouri. Spider Creek, the town in which this horrific little tale takes place, may be fictional, but it’s also very real. It draws bits and pieces from towns like Newton Grove and Dudley and Koshkonong and Thayer to form a place that might very well be the location for an invasion of blood-sucking demonic beasties. Blood Feud is also my chance to re-team with Drew Moss and Nick Filardi. This is a story of humor and horror in the vein of movies like Fright Night and Phantasm and Evil Dead 2, and I couldn’t think of two co-conspirators to bring this story to life!”

New in October Previews – Alan Moore: Crossed + 100

The new volume of Previews hits comic shops tomorrow and with it comes the announcement Crossed fans have been waiting for.  The man who redefined the comics medium, Alan Moore, is putting his stamp on Garth Ennis’ runaway hit horror … Continue reading