The Walking Dead Issue #173 Speculation Post

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Garth Ennis’ Crossed: DOA Webseries Collected

New in the September Previews for November on sale, Garth Ennis’ incredible Crossed webseries “Dead or Alive” is collected into very limited single issue collectible comics.  Originally designed as an incentive to help raise money to bring Ennis’ vision for a … Continue reading

Crossed +100 #2 New in Previews

Fans picking up the new issue of the Previews catalog from their local comic shop were treated to another month worth of the best cutting edge horror being published. ?Alan Moore continues his groundbreaking run on the future of Garth … Continue reading

Are You Prepared for the Chaos of the Dark Gods?

Justin Jordan brings his view of the chaos before mankind to Avatar with the November release of Dark Gods #1.  The issue introduces the concept of what came before the big bang.  Creatures of chaos and darkness that fed upon … Continue reading

Justin Jordan Discusses Dark Gods

Crossed scribe Justin Jordan talked to Bleeding Cool this week about his upcoming new ongoing series Dark Gods that is featured in the September Previews (in stores now).  In discussing what the Dark Gods actually are, Jordan told BC: “The primordial chaos … Continue reading

Justin Jordan Welcomes the Dark Gods

Avatar Press is giving a sneak peek at Justin Jordan’s new ongoing horror series, Dark Gods.  The series will debut in November and follows the reemergence of the things of nightmare into the modern world.  What would happen if giant … Continue reading

Sneak Peek – Justin Jordan’s Dark Gods

Justin Jordan has been delivering hard hitting stories for Avatar as seen in his new Crossed Badlands arc and the upcoming God is Dead Book of Acts issue.  And now, on the eve of Sand Diego Comic Con, Avatar is … Continue reading