Anna and Jon, of Ginger Armadillo Costumes, are our next…

Anna and Jon, of Ginger Armadillo Costumes, are our next #Costoberfest spotlight as Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler! 

Photo by Estelia Photography.

Last day to order these titles! The Life After Volume 2,…

The Life After V2 Kaijumax #6 Kaijumax #6 Gabo Variant Stringers #2 Stringers #2 Brahm Revel Variant Rick and Morty #6 Rick and Morty #6 Andrew MacLean Variant Last day to order these titles! The Life After Volume 2, Kaijumax #6 and Gabo variant…

News & Reviews – 9/5/2015Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the…

News & Reviews – 9/5/2015

Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the purest horror experience in comics for some time.“

Blood Feud has “a nice and spooky setting that stands out from the normal horror type“

“Justin Greenwood delivers an exciting fluid story and brings to life the car chase and action of Stringers.“

Stringers “You can feel the old fluorescent bulbs robbing color from the interior
shots. The street lights and headlights bleach color from the shadows in
exterior frames.“

“The first issue of Stringers starts the series off with a bang and
moves through the story at a car chases pace, with a whole mess of
diversions thrown in. It is fast and fun the whole time, with as much as
possible jammed into the first issue.“

Elk’s Run “Noel Tuazon’s moody atmosphere serves the mystery well.“

“There is an Invader Zim-sized hole in both my heart and the universe, and this comic book fills that hole more than anything else ever could.“

News & Reviews – 8/29/15Thank you for making Invader Zim #2…

News & Reviews – 8/29/15

Thank you for making Invader Zim #2 a huge hit last week!

Near Mint Comic Show talks with Marc Guggenheim about Stringers in a podcast interview!

Blood Feud “Perfectly scratches that Halloween itch.”

Stringers “Evokes classic action movies from the 1980s and 1990s…The art of
Justin Greenwood has…an expressiveness and fluidity that make him a
great match for Guggenheim’s character-driven, action-packed script.”

“I’m sold on Stringers. The characters feel comfortable, the story is interesting, and the action is non-stop.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better, more adorable review of Do-Gooders

Princess Ugg Volume 2 is one of Good Comics 4 Kids’ Weekly Picks!

The first digital issue of Joshua Fialkov’s landmark work Elk’s Run is out now

Elk’s Run “Joshua Hale Fialkov sets
up some interesting characters and a solid mystery and on top of that,
leaves us with an ending twisted enough to make us want to come back for

cbldf and Tweeks highlights Oni’s Sidescrollers, one of YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens

CBR and Comics Should be Good! on Ares & Aphrodite, “A charming story with very nice art.“

News & Reviews – 8/15/15The Bunker: “I have to come back…

News & Reviews – 8/15/15

The Bunker: “I have to come back issue after issue just to see what’s going to happen next.“

Kaijumax’s balance of human vs kaiju drama.

Comic Bastards is on board for an adorably gruesome issue of Kaijumax

HorrorTalk on the backstory and heartbreak of The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead

Marc Guggenheim talks with CBR about his television series and upcoming Oni Press comic, Stringers!

The upcoming Another Castle lands on Comicosity’s list of 8 great non-traditional princess characters

Broken Frontier praises The Lion of Rora for its elevation of an already great historical tale and the masterful linework

MTV ranks Scott Pilgrim vs the World’s Evil Exes in celebration of the film’s fifth anniversary

Helheim’s Joelle Jones and Wet Moon’s Sophie Campbell are named to Ten Women You Should Be Watching in Comics

Pre-order Stringers, a new crime noir about videographers on the…

Pre-order Stringers, a new crime noir about videographers on the run from corrupt cops, at your comic store by tomorrow! JUN151440

Writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow co-showrunner) speaks about its artistic style, characters, and collaboration
with the talented Justin Greenwood (Stumptown).

Has your experience in film and
television inspired the cinematic look of this series?

Marc Guggenheim: Justin Greenwood, along with our
colorist, Ryan Hill, are responsible for delivering the look. I will say that
my experience in TV and film definitely informed the pace of the series. I
wanted as kinetic and fast paced a feel as a lot of film and television shows.
The way energy is conveyed on the page is due to Justin’s incredibly lively
linework and the very energetic style he brings to all of the art in the book.
As much as I would love to take credit for it the cinematic look is Justin
Greenwood’s creation and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did Paul and Nick and their
relationship develop? Were these characters part of your concept from the

MG: They actually were. I was really
interested in writing a partnership between two guys who were like an old
married couple. A lot of fun banter, a little bit of teasing, a little bit of
biting, trading barbs, occasionally trading insults. The cornerstone of that
relationship was creating a dynamic where they are in this very uncertain
freelance profession and one is absolutely in love with it; loves the
adrenaline rush, the uncertainty and all the things that are part of being a
freelance video stringer. The other is the exact opposite; a family guy, who
aspires to “real journalism” and feels like this isn’t the end destination but
a stepping stone to something more “legitimate”. The difference between these
two guys draws out a lot of their conflict but also their humor throughout the

What made you decide to use
these unique sound effects?

MG: That’s a great question because
sound effects for me are really hard. I try to avoid the classic “SLAM” “BANG”
“WHAM” comic book sound effects. Writing the script I had this crazy notion the
sound effects could describe the action that was happening. So much of that is
dependent on the letterer. It’s one of those ideas that in concept might sound
interesting and unique but in practice is completely dependent on the letterer
pulling it off. Crank really did an amazing job of selling this idea that we’re
all intrigued by but were not sure how it would turn out until we saw the
lettered pages and thought,  “Wow, that
really works.” It’s not the kind of idea that works for every single comic. It’s
very much a tonal choice and just happens to work with the dramatic comedic
tone that I’m writing and the kinetic hyper-realized energy that Justin’s art
is conveying. It’s always wonderful when you have a talented letter who can make
everything feel seamless; the lettering, the writing, and the art all work
together in concert.

How does it feel to be working
with Justin Greenwood again? Why was he the right man for the job?

MG: Justin’s amazing. Not only is he
an incredible guy but an incredible talent. We fit together really well as
writer and artist. In part it’s because we spent so many issues working together
on Resurrection and we have a shorthand. He just seems to really get my style.
I talked about how his energetic linework was right for the high-octane story
that we’re trying to tell but I think the other thing Justin brings to the
project is he was able to draw for a book that was designed from its initial conception
to be very dialogue heavy. I wrote more dialogue on each page than I typically
do for other comics because I wanted to have that hyper talking, fast paced,
bantery feel to it. That’s hard for an artist. Hopefully it seems invisible to
the reader but you need an artist who’s going to create room for all these word
balloons while at the same time conveying compelling images and creating
visually interesting pages, so you’re not just seeing word balloons on the
page. A lot of artists are not as adept with dealing with this many word
balloons as Justin.

Would you ever be interested in
working as a Stringer yourself?

MG: No, I’d probably have to take a pass on that. I have
literally no sense of direction. Even though I’ve now lived in Los Angeles for
15 years my reliance on my phone and GPS is shameful. My ability to get from
point A to point B as fast as that job would require, it would probably knock
me out of the running. I’d rather write about Stringers than be one.

Stringers is in stores August 26th! Pre-order now at comic shops with code JUN151440

STRINGERS #1New, heart-pounding mini-series from Marc Guggenheim…

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Interconnecting Panorama


New, heart-pounding mini-series from Marc Guggenheim (The CW’s Arrow) and Justin Greenwood (Stumptown, The Fuse)
(Yo P.S. the variant cover is by SPIDER-GWEN artist Robbi Rodriguez)

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News & Reviews – 6/20/15Read all of Kaijumax #1 on Comic…

News & Reviews – 6/20/15

Read all of Kaijumax #1 on Comic Bastards!

The Sixth Gun tabletop RPG is on Kickstarter and ending soon!

Jeffrey Burandt of Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad joins the Comic Book Club Live podcast to talk scifi, rock and comics.

Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad is “crazy and you never saw it coming.”

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt on The Sixth Gun’s Dust to Dust, Valley of Death and Kickstarter tabletop RPG.

Marc Guggenheim on his upcoming Stringers series, inspiration and his favorite scenes of the comic.

Stringers, an action-packed new miniseries about crime,…

Stringers, an action-packed new miniseries about crime, corruption and the perfect shot. From Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) Justin Greenwood (Stumptown) and Ryan Hill (Stumptown, Rick and Morty), coming this August. More Info:

PORTLAND, OR March 26th, 2015 – Oni Press,Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today Stringers, a tense, action-filled newseries set in the world of Los Angeles’ freelance news reporting. Written by
Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), illustrated
by Justin Greenwood (Stumptown, The Fuse) and colored by Ryan Hill (Rick and Morty, Terrible Lizard), Stringers will
release on August 5th.

and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and
shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives
on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their
daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong,
Paul and Nick find themselves on the

excited beyond words that this long-gestating project is finally coming to
fruition, and doing so brilliantly,” said writer Marc Guggenheim. “Justin and I
had such a blast working together on Resurrection at Oni Press that I wanted to
create something new just for him and he’s knocked it clean out of the park
with jazzy visuals that really capture the concept’s humor and breakneck
pacing.  We both couldn’t be more
thrilled to be back at our home for creator owned projects, where our first
collaboration, Resurrection, began.”