Master Yoda returns in ARTFX+ scale.

  Next up in Kotobukiya’s amazing line of Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues, bringing the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe to life in dynamic 1/10th scale statues, is a fun 2 Pack capturing a pair of the most popular (and diminutive) characters in sci-fi. Coming to you directly from STAR WARS: The Empire […]

Wonder Girl is ready to join Starfire in Bishoujo style!

  Kotobukiya proudly presents the next entry in the lineup of Bishoujostatues  based  on  the  superheroines  and  villains  of  DC  Comics  with  the  dynamic  legacy  character WONDER  GIRL!    The  latest  in  a  series  of  heroines  going  by  that  moniker,  Cassandra“Cassie”Sandsmark first appeared in the pages of Wonder Woman in 1996.  She is a demigoddess […]

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, now in ARTFX+ scale!

  Kotobukiya’s Marvel Comics ARTFX+ Statues have brought you Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the Avengers as well as the heroic mutants of the X-Men. Now we’re kicking off an all-new series of high quality 1/10th scale ARTFX+ figures based on characters in the world of everyone’s favorite web-slinger, so of course we’re starting with THE […]

The mighty Thanos arrives as a Fine Art Statue!

  A Kotobukiya Japanese import! While the last series of Marvel Universe Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya focused on the heroes and villains of the X-Men, the next character comes from outer space and has plans to rule the entire universe: THANOS! Known as the “Mad Titan,” Thanos is a massively powerful alien who first appeared in […]

The dark knight returns in it’s classic animated look!

  Kotobukiya’s awesome 1/10th scale DC Comics collection has brought you New 52 heroes and villains, Classic Costume retro-inspired figures, and more, and now it expands into a whole new world with one of the most popular incarnations of the Dark Knight ever, BATMAN ANIMATED! That’s right, Batman: The Animated Series is the inspiration behind […]

The Super Powers Line Continues with Aquaman!

  Kotobukiya’s groundbreaking DC Comics Classic Costume ARTFX+ Statue series brings you brand new non-articulated comic book characters based on vintage 1980’s Super Powers action figure sculpts enlarged to 1/10th scale. Joining previously released Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, and Robin is the king of the seven seas: AQUAMAN! Retro is in and you can […]

A classic movie makes it way into a brand new Bishoujo line!

  A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!Kotobukiya’s elite Bishoujo Statue line has brought you beautiful characters from all manner of anime series, DC and Marvel comics, Star Wars, video games, and much more. Recently the series took a totally unique turn, transforming two horror movie icons into pretty girls with Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Now a […]