The Power Arc Begins! Naruto Shippuden English Dub Debut

Naruto Shippuden’s latest English dub episode debuts~ We’re now at episode 290 and you are invited to the “Power” 6-episode mini arc.  Naruto and his team are assigned a mission to identify Read more… →

Sailor Moon Crystal – Postcards From The 30th Century

Sailor Moon Crystal Act. 20 released super early Saturday, so hopefully this isn’t as spoilerific as other reviews. To be totally un-spoilerific take 22-ish minutes and watch the episode right here, Read more… →

Ranma 1/2 – Music to Die For and a Nutty Ninja Dog, This Show Has Everything!

Its almost that time.   Ranma 1/2 is almost complete!  This week be the first to see the remastered episodes; The Musical Instruments of Destruction, where Kuno gets his hands on Read more… →

Sakura, Choji and Ino in “The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu”!

Its Thursday and you know what that means! More Naruto Shippuden! In this episode best gals Ino and Sakura are in for a ride of their lives. As Ino and her team Read more… →

Inuyasha The Movie 4 : Fire On The Mystic Island Moves to Neon Alley

  Yeah, that’s right Inuyasha The Movie 4 : Fire On The Mystic Island is here on Neon Alley.  Though I’ll let you in on a really important detail.  Its only Read more… →

Sailor Moon Crystal Gets A New Guardian – And She Wants to Annihilate Them?!

If you haven’t seen this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal you might want to watch it before you read the rest of this post. Though we try to keep everything spoiler Read more… →

This Week On Sailor Moon: Usagi’s Decision and The Final Battle Between Light & Dark!

Moonies!  Oh no! This season is nearly over! Next week, March 16th,  brings us to the conclusion of R! You can’t miss these exciting Episodes leading up to the end! Read more… →

Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple: This Week On Ranma 1/2!

NEW TODAY ON RANMA 1/2: EPISODE 145: Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple The Tendo house members are poisoned by a mushroom hot pot!  EWWWWW!!!! Then, on EPISODE 146: The Read more… →