Yuggoth Cultures And Other Growths

Fans who are loving Alan Moore’s incredible horror treatise, Providence should look to an earlier work to see the budding growths of his incredible work in Lovecrafitan fiction.  Yuggoth Cultures And Other Growths TPB is a massive collection of Moore’s short fiction … Continue reading

Alan Moore’s Forgotten Lovecraftian Tome

Fans who are loving Providence can’t seem to get enough of Alan Moore’s take on the world of H.P. Lovecraft.  Between the slow burn horror of Providence and the shocking terror of Neonomicon readers are enjoying a world that is … Continue reading

Give Avatar for the Horror-Days

Ah yes, the holidays are here.  But at Avatar Press we celebrate the “horror-days”.  And we invite you to do the same by giving the gift of terror to your comic reading loved ones.  So to help you stuff their … Continue reading

Add More Moore to Your Digital Reading

Thanks to ComiXology running a special sale this week on Avatar’s Alan Moore comics and graphic novels, you can add more Moore to your digital reading list for a fantastic introductory price.  This Alan Moore bundle includes 20 comics and … Continue reading

Yuggoth Cultures & Other Growths TPB

Fans are universally hailing Alan Moore’s Providence as one of his most realized stories ever published.  This is tremendous praise for the slow-burn Lovecraftian horror that is being delivered in every issue of the new series.  Fans of Neonomicon look … Continue reading

Perfect Halloween Reading – Alan Moore’s NeonomiconTPB

Comic book fans attending Haloween Comic Fest this weekend are looking for the perfect fright to read by candle light during this horror filled holiday season.  Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy of Alan Moore’s terrifying Lovecraftian tome, … Continue reading

Final Hours of Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con

It’s the first of its kind – a virtual event to get a virtually unattainable autograph.  The Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con is in its last hours as the event ends today Wednesday 8/26.  Fans from all over the world … Continue reading