The Fourth Great Ninja War Rages On In Naruto Shippuden Set 22

Out today! Naruto Shippuden Set 22~ Click the picture to order your copy. In this set danger comes in from every angle. Old comrades and enemies have risen from the grave Read more… →

The Power Arc Begins! Naruto Shippuden English Dub Debut

Naruto Shippuden’s latest English dub episode debuts~ We’re now at episode 290 and you are invited to the “Power” 6-episode mini arc.  Naruto and his team are assigned a mission to identify Read more… →

Demon Dogs, Ninja Dogs and Corndogs, All This Week On Neon Alley

The Neon Alley Newsletter went out this week, and just in case you haven’t subscribed here’s the URL to check it out yourself.   Here’s your Neon Alley cheat sheet Read more… →

Sakura, Choji and Ino in “The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu”!

Its Thursday and you know what that means! More Naruto Shippuden! In this episode best gals Ino and Sakura are in for a ride of their lives. As Ino and her team Read more… →