Don’t Miss Out on God is Dead ComiXology Sale!

Jonathan Hickman’s incredible mythology mashup returns in its entirety for a one week only special sale on ComiXology.  Through Sunday 10/23 fans can binge read the innovative series for $49.99!  The special sale includes all 50 issues of the series and is … Continue reading

God is Dead Vol 8 TPB New in April Previews

The epic conclusion to the story Jonathan Hickman began with the return of the gods to the mortal plane comes to a powerful end in the pages of God is Dead Vol 8 TPB.  Since that first arc, scribe Mike … Continue reading

The End is Nigh for God is Dead

God is Dead has been an incredible roller coaster ride of intense mythology and horror.  The world has been through so much and yet the petty gods continue to find new ways to spread their spiteful and childish indulgences.  But … Continue reading

Avatar Press New To Comic Shops 12/2/15

These are the new Avatar Press and Boundless Comics releases coming to comic shops on Wednesday 12/2/15: God is Dead #45 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       Mike Costa has turned God is Dead into the most original mythology mash up … Continue reading

ElfQuest Characters as Iconic Halloween Monsters

Elfquest is the story of the Wolfriders and their adventures surviving on the World of Two Moons, but it’s also the story of how these otherworldly beings took the shape of and inspired human mythology. In celebration of Halloween, we present to you Elfquest’s versions of some classic mythological monsters and supernatural beings.

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 9/23/15

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to local comic book shops on Wednesday 9/23/15: God is Dead Vol 6 TPB PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       The Titans are on the verge of being driven back into imprisonment, but … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology 8/19/15

This is the new Avatar Press digital item coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 8/19/15: God is Dead #41 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       After all the insanity and the misery the human race has endured, do they have the fortitude left … Continue reading