First announcement for today: check out because we…

First announcement for today: check out because we just redesigned our main site into a portal…which includes our brand-spanking-new manga publisher website at

Feel free to play with our new features, which include:

SurveyWant to suggest titles for us to license from Japan? Fill out our new survey and you could win a free book, to boot! 

NewsletterMany of you requested a Seven Seas newsletter–it’s starting this month! Sign up in the right sidebar of the new

Genre collections: Our new site function to search by genre is particularly fun. If you like Yuri, Monster Girls, Monster Boys, etc. you can see ‘em all in one place! We’re still filling in some genres, so they’re not totally complete, but it’s a new feature we’re excited about.

We’re also taking the new site on a test drive with a brand-new license announcement in a bit. 🎉 Enjoy, and talk to you soon! –LS