What’s in Store: Days to Remember

For the past decade, we’ve been privileged to share space with our retail partners at Georgetown Records. The shop specializes in vintage vinyl – everything from early punk, power pop, prog, soul, industrial, electronica, garage, psychedelic, rock n roll, and more. This Saturday, April 22 marks the 10th annual Record Store Day, a national celebration…

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Re/Read: Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge

Re/Read is an occasional column by Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery curator Larry Reid examining backlist books you may have missed or merit another look. This time we’ll focus on Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge. A generation of comix enthusiasts came of age following the foibles of Buddy Bradley and his crew of lovable…

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Digital Comics by Piskor and Kelso

We’re unloading the new issue of Hip Hop Family Tree and a few Megan Kelso graphic novels digitally just for you this week! In issue #10 of Ed Piskor’s award-winning series Hip Hop Family Tree, the endlessly quoted graffiti documentary Style Wars gets lovingly dissected. Also, did you know Public Enemy were first the Spectrum…

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Washington Speakers Bureau – Megan Kelso

Humanities Washingon, one of the best and most creative organizations in the state, has chosen Megan Kelso to participate in the 2015-16 Speakers Bureau! What Speakers Bureau does is create a roster of cultural experts and scholars who travel to all corners of the state to provide diverse public presentations that “encourage audiences to think, learn and engage in conversation.” 

A Seattle cartoonist, Megan Kelso is the creator of Queen of the Black BlackArtichoke Tales, and The Squirrel Mother for Fantagraphics, as well as the “GirlHero” mini comic. Megan’s unique lecture that she’ll be taking on the road with her is titled “Comics Can Take Us Places”. From Humanities Washington:

“What role does a sense of place play in cartoons and comic storytelling? How does place influence the character and plot of these images and the stories they tell? As a visual medium, comics tap directly into our sense of memory, time and place – sometimes without words. In this fascinating presentation, cartoonist Megan Kelso explains how she uses memory, her own life, research, and photo references to create sequential panels that evoke the feeling of a specific, inhabited world. Kelso illustrates the presentation with examples of her work and pictures of places that have inspired her to share how central the role of place is to these popular art forms, particularly from storytelling and social commentary perspectives.”

(The Squirrel Mother 2010) 

Megan’s next stop around the state will be on Saturday, May 2nd in Olympia, WA at the Tumwater Timberland Regional Library in conjuction with the library’s comic celebration day. Check back into Megan’s blog for updates on where she’ll be next. OR if you’re a non-profit/school/library etc, find out how you can apply to have Megan speak to your organization!