New in March Previews: Max Bemis’ Crossed Stories Collected

Singer, songwriter, and comic book creator, Max Bemis of Say Anything, has delivered some of the creepiest new Crossed stories in a long while.  His two tales that were presented in Crossed: Badlands #87 – 92 are collected into the … Continue reading

New in March Previews – God is Dead Vol 5 TP

Mike Costa’s unbelievable ongoing story of divine wrath begins to draw all of its myriad strings together for what is the culmination of centuries worth of god wars on Earth.  The war ravaged planet has  endured more than anyone could … Continue reading

God is Dead & Disenchanted TPB Orders Due

Coming in May, two of Avatar’s newest comic series will be collected into their first trade  paperback editions.  Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead has changed the way fans look at mythology.  With its modern take on the fate of the … Continue reading

Avatar Press New in Previews

The March Previews is in comic shops everywhere and Avatar Press has two huge trade paperback collections listed for shipping in May!  First is the collection you have been waiting for, Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead Vol 1 TP.  This … Continue reading