kierongillen: In the lead up to the forthcoming release of…


In the lead up to the forthcoming release of PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL on Wednesday, Comixology is doing a sale over the weekend of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE and the first two volumes of PHONOGRAM. In other words, a good time to grab the first two if you haven’t read them. You don’t need them to read The Immaterial Girl, but  think you’ll like them.

(If you buy one Phonogram volume, we always recommend THE SINGLES CLUB. They stand alone, and it’s more accessible.)

Go buy here – it’s a dollar an issue, and the trades are appropriately priced.

As a note, the singles and trades for Phonogram are quite different. The singles we treated as a single and the collections work like an album. There’s always been a bunch of essays in the back, but for THE SINGLES CLUB we really went to town. Each issue has at least 6 pages of B-side comics which don’t appear in the trade, by guest artists, plus interviews and essays and god knows what else. I mention in case you’re a Phonogram completist – the extra material may make it worth double dipping for a dollar.

EDIT: Worth stressing that the Singles Club trade has a bunch of its own separate backmatter, primarily being making-of style material.

Also, with the first 11 issues of WicDiv on sale, a pretty good time to leap aboard that particular train.