hellomuller: The Final Order Cutoff for MATERIAL Vol. 1 is…


The Final Order Cutoff for MATERIAL Vol. 1 is September 7!
Volume 1 collects the first four issues of the critically acclaimed series, and features a foreword by The Guardian journalist Spencer Ackerman, who broke the story of Homan Square. 

Readers and retailers, if you want this book — the Diamond order code is JUL150631

aleskot: MATERIAL #4 ALERT. Biggest personal failure of the…



Biggest personal failure of the year: due to a production error, @bijanstephen is not credited in Material #4.

This is fixed in the collected edition that comes out September 30, and there will be a correction in Material #5 as well. We will also republish the entire (corrected) essay in #5, and the essay will also drop online.

I was so focused on making sure the essay was *exactly* right when going to press on a tight schedule that I made a horrible, ironic mistake. There’s no apology that can really fix it – erasure of black names is real, and here I contributed to it by an actual accident, which is horribly ironic considering the point of these essays is to give new writers – whose writing I respect and love – new readers.

White people talk about their acts of erasure as accidents but the truth is it’s rarely that – it’s usually racism by another name. I know this wasn’t the case with my mistake here, but it doesn’t probably make it hurt any less.

So, to fix it:

1) republishing the piece online
2) republishing the piece in Material #5
3) other stuff I don’t need to talk about here

The fixes can’t undo it but it’s crucial to confront and learn from one’s mistakes.

Go follow @bijanstephen because he’s one hell of a writer. 



Please print this image (which is hyperlinked right here in print quality) and put it in front of or inside each copy of Material #4. The image is made for you – 4 flyers per one paper to minimize your effort and respect your paper supply. I know this is *still* extra work for you, and your help is hugely appreciated.