Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 2/18/15

These are the new Avatar Press books coming to local comic shops on Wednesday 2/18/15: Crossed: Badlands #72 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Around every corner is a grinning madman waiting to commit the worst atrocities imaginable to you. David Hine … Continue reading

Crossed: Badlands #50 Ushers in C-Day 2014

It is here…the day that Crossed fans worldwide wait for with maniacal glee.  C-Day is upon us and local comic shops everywhere are preparing for the deluge of Crossed fans that are partying like it is the end of the … Continue reading

C-Day Kicks Off with ComiXology Sale!

C-Day March 26th is only a handful of days away and the folks at ComiXology are hosting a huge Crossed sale on digital comics to get fans ready for the event.  Beginning today for a limited time, single issues of … Continue reading