HARR-oh-timm (rhymes with STAR-oh-glim)
Son of Dodia and Ekolin

Harotim is a young elf, among the first to be born in the Palace of the High Ones after its restoration following the Shards War.
Having lived his entire life in the magical, crystalline structure, Harotim’s inherited abilities have gravitated to and focused on crystals. He is the Palace’s most accomplished crystal-shaper, helping not only to sculpt the Palace’s ever-changing structure but also to fashion the decorative crystals worn by the elves.




Osek was of the first generations of elves born on the World of Two Moons after the crash of the Palace of the High Ones. He was born to those scattered Firstcomers and lived her early years close the site of the accident.
Like his age-mates and best friends Ekuar and Mekda was a rock-shaper. The bold trio made a devastating mistake when they went on a quest to rediscover the Palace. Though an ice age was setting in and the Palace was slowly being engulfed by a glacier, the young elves successfully located the ancient dwelling.



Slave of Winnowill;

Brace’s sole purpose in Blue Mountain was to use his rock-shaping magic to correct minute stress points in a stone archway to keep it from collapsing. Like Egg and the two Doors, he lived in a sort of suspended animation and was fed a potion as his only sustenance.
Brace presumably died in the fall of Blue Mountain with the rest of his people.

Anahvi and M’Ren

Elves of the Future


Anahvi and M’Ren are a coupled pair of elves living in the Palace in future times, after the elves have left the World of Two Moons. They are contemporaries of Jink and The Rebels.
Anahvi is sharp and headstrong while M’Ren is of a more accommodating nature. Both use the ability to glide, at least when they are in traveling through space in the Palace.
What their roles in the Palace are, to whom they are related, and their part in the bigger ElfQuest tale are stories that remain to be told.



(rhymes with wrong sin)
Lifemate of Pirn and Shadowcrest;
Mother of Darshek and Sandsparkle

Character Sketch

Longfin is a peaceful, serene elf. She Recognized two different mates and though neither one survived, they gave Longfin two strong, healthy children.
She is a rock-shaper, using her skills to the benefit of her people. Read the rest and comment



(rhymes with bed rest)
Lifemate of Pearl;
Father of Kroosh and Strand;
Grandfather of Puffer

Redcrest is an ancient Wavedancer. His mate Pearl did not survive the harshness of the World of Two Moons, but together they made two children.
Redcrest is a plant-shaper, using his skill to shape tools, weapons and even boats for the sea-faring elves. Read the rest and comment



WAYV-catch-ur (rhymes with rave snatcher)

Wavecatcher is a self-shaper, able to transform his legs into the tail of a fish and back.  He was one of the followers of Zephyr, who left Crest Point to find a safe haven for the Wavedancers, away from humans.
They founded a new village called Cavernsong, but a safe haven it was not. Warring humans stumbled upon the settlement and slaughtered all the elves they could find.  Wavecatcher survived and after giving the bodies of his slain kin back to the ocean, he became a wanderer, searching for a way back to Crest Point. Read the rest and comment