RENDEZ-VOUS and LIGHT finalists for SEE-IT Awards!

In all of our busy activity, we forgot to mention that we have two titles nominated for the SEE-IT Graphic Novel Award this year!  Both RENDEZ-VOUS IN PHOENIX by Tony Sandoval and LIGHT by Rob Cham are finalists!

IN STORES TODAY! Light by Rob Cham

In comic shops today:  LIGHT by Rob Cham!  The first release from Buno!

Visit Ulises Farinas as SPX this weekend!

Love indie comics (like ours)?  Gonna be in the Bethesda Maryland area this weekend?  Then you MUST attend SPX2016! 

NEW IN NETGALLEY: Rendez-vous in Phoenix, Light, and Little Tails!

Are you a reviewer, retail buyer, or librarian? Then you probably have a NetGalley account, and need to check out our listed titles available through their service for review right now! 

Ulises Fariñas & Magnetic Press Announce New Publishing Imprint, Buño!

 Magnetic Press & star comic writer/artist Ulises Fariñas announced BUÑO, a unique new comic book publishing imprint at Magnetic Press. The imprint is independently operated and curated by Ulises Fariñas & Storme Smith. Fariñas is a star writer/artist, best known for his hyper-detailed illustration & sharp witted writing in books like IDW’s JUDE DREDD, Image Comics’ CATALYST…

Embrace the Dark Side

We at the Hatter M Institute for Paranormal Travel interact with many faucets of Imagination. Not all Imagination is sunny and light. Imagination can delve into a deep mystery that can only be categorized as Dark.

For those of you who feel a tug toward the Dark side we say, embrace it!

There will probably be lots of you out there feeling an emergence of Dark Wonder brooding as Queen Redd announced yesterday via her Twitter: @QueenReddHeart and her Tumblr lgw-queenredd that she’s coming to Wonder Con and she bringing Dark Imagination with her.

Yes, this could mean destruction and chaos onto all who walk pass her Imperial  Viciousness. This can also mean that those who are strong in the throngs of Dark Imagination can finally connect with their wondrous side. To those we recommend connecting to lgw-viciousbitches & lgw-thenighthood

We honor fellow bipartisan Wonderlanders! No other Wonderlander has shown equality in their allegiance like nfcomics this week’s Wednesday Wonder Warrior!

nfcomics understands that in the war with Reality the civil war within Imagination: Black Imagination vs. White Imagination, can’t get in the way. They post and preach all the mysteries of the Dark side with the science of the Light!

All hail nfcomics!!
Long live their Wonder!