Greg Rucka: Comic Writer, Novelist… Stuntman?!?

Greg Rucka discusses key differences between writing for novels and comic books!

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News & Reviews – 5/20/15We’re at denvercomiccon this weekend…

News & Reviews – 5/20/15

We’re at denvercomiccon this weekend with jhonenv, come by our booth to get Invader Zim‘s TruthShrieker “zine”!

Jhonen Vasquez on the return of Invader Zim, why now was the right time, and the pleasure of watching him eat waffles.

Comicosity notes Kaijumax #2 is “something special and a comic everyone should be reading.”

Overmental loves that Kaijumax #2′s “magic is in the details…and you can just feel the love Cannon has for his subject matter.”

aintitcool declares The Auteur: Sister Bambi #1 “ever so right at being so wrong.”

Willamette Week on the noir of Stumptown, “an ode to the very real darkness that’s always
getting swept under the PDX carpet.“