Poll of the Week – Favorite Anime Monkey

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year! As it is the year of the monkey, we want to celebrate by asking you what your favorite monkey in anime is! As to make things simple, we’ll classify “monkeys” as apes, monkeys, prosimians, other simian-like creatures, and etc. Vote on the SurveyMonkey (ha) poll below and on the following Sunday […]

Kamisama Kiss Season 2 Cast Announcement

We’ve got some familiar faces in this next cast announcement. Along with the returning cast members, take a look below for some new talent for Kamisama Kiss Season 2.   CHARACTER – ACTOR   Nanami – Tia Ballard Tomoe – J. Michael Tatum Mizuki – Micah Solusod Otohiko – Ian Sinclair Kotetsu – Josh Grelle […]

Send Your Questions to the Kamisama Kiss Mangaka!

Ever wanted to ask a real manga artist about their craft? Now’s your chance! In celebration of the new season of Kamisama Kiss, we’re taking fan questions for renowned shoujo mangaka Julietta Suzuki, author of Akuma to Dolce, Karakuri Odette, and of course, Kamisama Kiss.   Curious about how she creates Kamisama Kiss? Wondering about her influences […]