Digital WE TOLD YOU SO and more!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! We Told You So, the book celebrating our 40th anniversary is here and ready to read and enjoy on your tablets. In 1976, a fledgling magazine held forth the idea that comics could be art. In 2016, comics can now be enjoyed by an adult readership and are…

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What’s in Store: More Clowning Around

   Drop by Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery this Saturday, June 25 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM as Tatiana Gill hosts a clown coloring contest from her new book Down to Clown. We’ll have cool prizes and free corn dogs, cotton candy, caramel corn, and more! All entries will be exhibited through July 7. An added…

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What’s in Store: Intruder, Sammy Harkham, and More!

  Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 9 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM as we welcome acclaimed indie comix artist Sammy Harkham and wish a fond farewell to the Intruder at the second annual Hot Off the Press book fair at Fantagraphics Bookstore!  This colorful festival features tables of local handcrafted comix and zines by…

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Something Digital for Everybody

Make sure those tablets are turned on because we’ve got a wide array of digital releases for you this Wednesday! Collecting the final year of Charles Schulz’s classic strip, The Complete Peanuts Vol. 25 also has a forward by none other than the President of the United States. Rerun become a comic artist, Snoopy’s playing…

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This Week in Josh Simmons Events

Hitting up the Eastern seaboard, Josh Simmons is making his way from Michigan, to Columbus, New York, and Maine all this week. See map for details:


(Map approximate to distance and my rudimentary geographical abilities)

Tuesday, May 12th

Columbus, OH – Kafe Kerouac has hosted some great comic events over the past few years, and this one will be no different! Joining Josh will be cartoonist JT Dockery who’ll be signing copies of his comics along side Josh. Music by Sunshine Ears will accompany them. They’ll both be giving short talks, and Josh will be presenting his short videos as well! Doors open at 8 PM for this evening event. Get more details on the FB page!

Thursday, May 14th

Baltimore, MD – Comics potlatch has a cool ring to it! You and a bunch of cartoonists ranging from local to international get together for a pop-up style convention where you bring comics to sell and trade with others. Josh Simmons as well as Conor Stechschulte will be there selling books and art, and having fun! Takes place at The Crown beginning at 9 PM. If you don’t have your own comics to sell or trade, don’t worry, just bring some green to give people for their own wares. 


Friday, May 15th

Brooklyn, NY – Our good buddies at Bergen Street Comics are doing it up this week with a full spread of fun. With a musical accompaniment, provided by experimental artists Sunshine Ears, cartoonist Josh Simmons brings a multi-media experience to Bergen Street Comics including a short talk, screening of 3 videos ranging from parody to horror, and a signing of Black River to follow. The good times kick off at 7 PM

Sunday, May 17th

Portland, ME – Casablanca Comics is hosting a great one day show in Portland (no, the other one) with a diverse line-up of comics creators for Maine Comics Arts Festival, or MeCAF. Chip Zdarsky, Box Brown, and Dan Parent are among their guests, and so is Josh Simmons and Hans Rickheit! Holding it down for Fanta, they’ll be selling their books and various art fares. It’s only 5 bones to get in, or free if you’re under 12! If you are under 12 and reading this blog, make sure you go pick up the books Black River and Cochlea and Eustachia, but maybe don’t show your parents.  The show is from 10-5 PM for one day only, so go early and stay all day!

This Week’s Press Highlights

“With an acrid storytelling voice and a clean, spare drawing style, Mr. Clowes used Eightball… to skewer pop culture, spin surrealistic horrors and sympathetically portray youth adrift.”
Read more about The Complete Eightball by Daniel Clowes at The New York Times  “Fantagraphics Books has just announced Patience, the first all-new, original graphic novel from Daniel Clowes in more than half a decade. It’s the biggest and most ambitious book of a storied career.”  Read more at Fused UK  
“I don’t think there has been a fictional character with a better name than Needledick the Bug-Fucker, nor a character who revealed so many multitudes within a single page.” Read more at The Millions   “Ed Piskor’s stylish, funny, assiduously researched history of hip-hop is hugely engaging and enlightening.” – Glen Weldon Here more at NPR   “Tardi has a much deserved reputation not only as a master of the pen, but also as a meticulous researcher, I’m confident that Manchette would praise Tardi’s Run Like Crazy Run Like Hell as the outstanding book it is.”
Read more at Pop Matters
“This story of a burly ex-wrestler/kitten fancier has been one of my absolute favorite comics — an affectingly offbeat gay rom-com that captures the universal sadness and silliness of loneliness and love, and mixes heartbreak and humor in exactly the right proportions.”
Read more about Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce at The Comics Alliance
“Esther Pearl Watson is a remarkable artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and visual storyteller. Her ongoing popular Unlovable comic strip… is memorable, artful, and highly original… never fails to delight and surprise.”
Read more at American Illustration and American Photography 
“Dark, bleak and crushingly depressing, Black River will make you reflective of society and what it means to be alive.”Read more at AiPT!
“Some of the best comics ever printed…masterfully told and very, very funny.”
Read more about Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Vol. 6: The Pixilated Parrot by Carl Barks at The Comics Alliance
“This is storytelling and character work done so well you’ll wonder if they are in fact alive and possibly right next door.”
Read more about The Love Bunglers by Jaime Hernandez at AiPT!
Unshelved calls Hip Hop Family Tree a “rapid-fire telling of the early days of rap and hip hop culture… There’s a lot to learn even if you think you’ve heard it all.”
Read more at Unshelved Praise for Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America by Bill Schelly
“Thoroughly researched…devoted fans will welcome this exhaustive study.” Read the full review in the print edition of the Library Journal review May 15 issue.

This Week in Fantagraphics Events: 5/5-5/11

Tuesday, May 5th

Minneapolis, MN – Black River has been rattling bones up and down the coast with its release. Which means it’ll fit right in at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis tonight! This volunteer run book store and community space is the bees knees, and we’re so excited that they’re hosting Josh Simmons and 2D Cloud’s Nic Breutzman for a signing that will begin at 7 PM. 

Wednesday, May 6th

Dubuque, IA – Party town USA just happens to by Dubuque, Iowa. Don’t believe me? Just look at that poster by Victor CayroMonks Kaffee is throwing a comics rager in honor of Josh Simmons and Black River. They’ll be joined by guests Becca Kacanda and Victor Cayro, and special music guests. In addition to signing books, there’ll be a screening of three short films by Josh. Festivities kick off around 9 PM!

Thursday, May 7th

New York, NY – What can I say that this amazing poster hasn’t already said? I’ll just throw my 2 cents in by telling you that if you have the ability to go to any of these events, do it! From 6-8 PM at the publishing non-profit, Printed MatterEd Luce will be signing copies of the Wuvable Oaf collection. Printed Matter feels like a New York institution, which is of course why they’re moving to a bigger and better location. This will be one of the last times to catch them in their original spot, and what a great send off to have Luce and Oaf there to celebrate!

New York, NY – Ed will also be a guest at the Queers & Comics Conference at CUNY. This $40 two-day conference features a line up of amazing academic panels and special guests. In addition to Luce some of the other guests include: Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins, James RombergerMarguerite Van CookTrina RobbinsJustin Hall, and Ellen Forney. The history and intersection of comics and queers is fascinating, and this conference covers the past, present, and future of the two.

Seattle, WA – The University Bookstore is going MAD tonight as they host author and historian Bill Schelly. He’ll be giving a reading and signing of his newest doorstoping biography, Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America. Some of the best book events I’ve been to happen at U Books, so if you give any hoots about history, comedy, or comics, you’ll want to get there at 7 PM and pick up this comprehensive guide to the life of legendary Harvey Kurtzman. 

Chicago, IL – Next stop for Josh Simmons and his wayward books is Quimby’s! One of the finest independent bookstores the midwest has to offer, Quimby’s will will open it’s doors to Black River and its creator. If you find yourself Chicago bound, or maybe you live there already, get on over to Quimby’s at 7 PM to get a signed copy of Black River, a dope black light poster, a beautiful print, and a look of approval from your father, the one you’ve always wanted.  

Saturday, May 9th – Sunday, May 10th

Toronto, ON – All weekend long our great neighbors to the North will be hosting the annual Toronto Comic Art Festival, or TCAF, at the awesome Toronto Reference Library. And Fantagraphics will be on hand to sell you books, say nice things about your hair, and give you high-fives (but mostly sell you books). Check out our full breakdown of Fanta at TCAF, with our signing schedule, where you can see our artists on panels, and where to find us. This event is FREE to the public!

Monday, May 11th

Dearborn, MI – The good times continue to roll this week with a stop at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan on the Black River tour. If you can’t get to the mind-altering post-apocalyptic comics, then get the mind-altering post-apocalyptic comics to come to you! Beginning at 5:30 PM, they’ll be showing Josh’s hand crafted films, with the signing to immediately follow.