IN STORES TODAY! Klaw vol.2: The Second Cycle

The Second Cycle in the secret, ancient Were-War has begun!  And nothing will go as anyone can expect in the second volume of KLAW, IN STORES TODAY!

ANNOUNCING: Klaw vol.2 – The Second Cycle!

Angel Tomassini is on the run from the many forces would steal his powerful tiger totem, and it’s getting hard to tell friend from foe!  The exciting second volume in the sellout KLAW series, by Ozanam and Jurion, is on its way, hitting shelves in April!


Lots of great new stuff is available on Comixology and Kindle this week!  Check ’em out!

INTERVIEW: Ozanam & Jurion Delve into Klaw

Booklist calls KLAW “Top-notch… Exceptionally strong.” To celebrate their successful state-side launch of their beloved series, we sat down with series creators ANTOINE OZANAM and JOE JURION to speak with them about their collaboration, creative process, past and future projects, and of course, all things KLAW! Co-created by artist Jurion and writer Ozanam, KLAW tells the tale of…

KLAW #2 Now on ComiXology!

The second chapter of Antoine Ozanam & Joël Jurion’s epic KLAW is now available on ComiXology! “Angel’s big date with Lisa turns into more of an adventure than he anticipated when a kidnapping plot is foiled by a giant were-tiger… who turns out to be his chauffer! Not only does this discovery turn his world…


Antoine Ozanam & Joël Jurion’s masterpiece is now in stores!  Head on over to your local comic shop or book store and pick up the US debut of one of the world’s best creative teams!

KLAW 10 Page Advance Preview!

Joël Jurion is one of those guys who ‘have it.’ He draws toons JUST RIGHT, SO right actually that you can only envy his ease — he just captures the right essence. So it was only natural that Klaw would end up being such a great series!”  – BENGAL (BATGIRL, NAJA, SUPERGIRL) No one ever…