IN STORES TODAY! Jazz Maynard #5!

The mayor of Barcelona is dead, buried under a mountain of scandal, and the only ones who know the truth are trapped in the middle of a gang war raging through El Raval. Jazz, Teo, and Judas take to the streets to quell the violence with a little of their own . . .

IN STORES TODAY! Jazz Maynard #1

The first issue of our first premium single-issue series JAZZ MAYNARD is now IN COMIC SHOPS EVERYWHERE!


Jazz is coming! Check out the brand new trailer to this action-packed, stylish crime noir series from writer RAULE and illustrator ROGER!

ANNOUNCING: Jazz Maynard!

Jazz Maynard is a mystery.  A jazz trumpeter on the surface, he also hides a variety of skills best kept secret, the sort of skills best applied to crime and espionage.  The sort of skills that come in handy when discovering his long-lost sister in the grip of seedy New York sex traffickers.  Sweeping to…