Avatar’s Feast of Fear

Continuing our theme of horror stories to read over the holidays, today we turn to another under appreciated Garth Ennis masterpiece.  The Chronicles of Wormwood are essential reading for Preacher fans.  This series about the returned Anti-Christ is everything you … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Digital This Week!

These are the new Avatar Press digital items available at ComiXology and ComCav.net right now: Providence #10 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     The end is near… can you feel it?  All is revealed in this issue and Robert Black undergoes the … Continue reading

Providence #10 is Coming in August

Alan Moore’s incredible master class in Lovecraftian horror continues as it creeps toward its conclusion.  In the June Previews comic book retailers just placed their orders for the tenth issue of the seminal work by the writer who redefined an … Continue reading

The Mystery Deepens in Alan Moore’s Providence

Alan Moore’s incredible treatise on H.P. Lovecraft’s work has reached issue #9 and is available in comic shops right now.  The monstrous series has delivered stories from uncharted regions of the human psyche and painted a picture of the dark … Continue reading

More Tales of Slithering Doom Arrive with Providence #9

Fans of Alan Moore’s immersive slow burn horror series Providence have a new entry in their analysis of the Lovecraftian tale in comic shops now!  Issue #9 of the heralded narrative has arrived and with it new terrors and temptations … Continue reading

First Chapter of Providence Collected in Limited HC

Alan Moore’s Providence has been getting rave reviews for its powerful depiction of the hidden world of H.P. Lovecraft.  It is being hailed as a true horror masterpiece and both fans and scholars are calling it essential reading. The ambitious … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/20/16

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic shops on Wednesday 4/20: Providence Act 1 HC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Alan Moore’s quintessential horror series has set the standard for a terrifying examination of the works of H.P. … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology

This is the new Avatar Press comic which released digitally on ComiXology this week: Providence #8 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Robert Black has seen the cracks in reality and felt the cold touch of the supernatural. Now as the horrors … Continue reading

Providence Delivers Visions of Ghouls

Alan Moore’s Providence has been changing the way fans look at horror comics with its incredible depth and imagination.  This may well be the most realized vision of Alan Moore’s direction ever captured on paper.  Every page, every image, and … Continue reading

Crossed DOA Triple Threat

Crossed: DOA is a the collected Garth Ennis penned webcomic which was used to help fund the upcoming live action Crossed project (check out the program on www.crossedcomic.com).  The issues are extremely limited and hard to get but there is … Continue reading

Alan Moore’s Horror Masterpiece

Horror fans are discovering Alan  Moore’s modern horror masterpiece, Providence in local comic shops.  The series is one of Moore’s most immersive works and in true Lovecraftian style it is building a sense of creeping dread that is palpable.  Scholars … Continue reading

Final Hours of Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con

It’s the first of its kind – a virtual event to get a virtually unattainable autograph.  The Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con is in its last hours as the event ends today Wednesday 8/26.  Fans from all over the world … Continue reading

Moore & Burrows Signed & Sketched Neonomicon Set

Fans of Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence know that the Lovecraft inspired story began in the pages of Neonomicon.  Now thanks to the Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con, 35 lucky collectors can get a set of the pivotal four issue … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 8/19/15

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic book shops on Wednesday 8/19/15: God is Dead #41 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       After all the insanity and the misery the human race has endured, do they have the … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 7/22/15

This is the new Avatar Press item arriving in local comic book shops on Wednesday 7/22/15: God is Dead #39 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       All of humanity has prayed for it secretly and quietly as the gods destroyed the … Continue reading

Garth Ennis’ Crossed Vol 1

Do you remember where you were on C-Day?  The first Wednesday when the premiere issue of Crossed debuted on comic shelves?  Were you ready for the horror contained within those pages?  Has the misery and terror that have been doled … Continue reading

Avatar Press Phoenix Comic Con Signing Schedule

You’ve been seeing all the great guests and exclusives that Avatar is bringing to the Phoenix Comic Con beginning today and running through Sunday.  The show presents a perfect opportunity for fans to meet with three of the biggest creators … Continue reading

Avatar Press Exclusives at Phoenix Comic Con

This weekend the Phoenix Comic Con will host Avatar Press and a number of Avatar creators at the annual event.  In addition to bringing Max Brooks, Jacen Burrows, and Christian Zanier to the show, Avatar will have a number of … Continue reading

Avatar Press Signing & Panel Times for Denver Comic Con Released

Avatar Press is bringing a huge guest list to this weekend’s Denver Comic Con that includes Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, and Jacen Burrows!  Fans attending the show will have access to these powerhouse creators during the following signing … Continue reading

Sneak Peek of Providence #1 at Denver Comic Con

This weekend lucky fans who are attending the Denver Comic Con from May 23 – 25th will enjoy a rare treat.  Jacen Burrows, Alan Moore’s collaborator on Neonomicon and Providence, will be signing autographs, drawing commissions, and talking about his … Continue reading