Remembering Others to Know Ourselves

November provides people with many opportunities — Veterans’ Day, Armistice Day, and Thanksgiving– to remember and thank those who came before us. This month people come together, tell stories, and share traditions. It is an excellent time for your students to capture these stories and think about the impact a family member, neighbor, or someone from their community has had on our world, country, or town.

ElfQuest Featured on Women Who Write Comics

Wendy and Richard Pini are interviewed by Women Who Write Comics, an Eisner Award-nominated online journal that employs a diverse group of intersectional, international feminists to provide an equally varied insight into the world of comic book culture and the comic book industry at large. Kat Overland and Val Freire ask the Pinis interesting (and […]

Lorenzo De Felici – The Artist of Oblivion Song!

The biggest book of the year is about to drop in your lap! Oblivion Song, Robert Kirkman’s newest creative endeavor in comics, is being visually driven by artist Lorenzo De Felici. The Drakka and Dylan Dog alumn has entered the world of American comics. And BOY, are we thrilled about it. Lorenzo’s art is unique […]

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Hey Staffer! Whatcha Geekin’ Out About? An Interview with Kathryn Storm

Here is our latest installment of Hey Staffer! This month, we’re talking to Kathryn Storm, who runs all the video gaming events at GeekGirlCon. Kathryn has been with the organization for several years and geeks out over tech, cosplay, and of course, video games! Read on to find out more and to get a sneak peek MORE

Interviews with the cast and director of Spider-man: Homecoming

Matt Fraction on Sex Criminals & Writing for Comics vs TV!

Matt popped a squat with us and discussed his work in creator-owned comics, TV, music videos, video games, oh boy… that’s a lot.

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Hey, Staffer, Whatcha Geekin’ Out About? An Interview with Andrew Chan

Here’s one last Hey, Staffer interview for the year. Meet Andrew Chan! Andrew is our merchandise assistant but also spends a lot of time dabbling with cool technology, fighting with lightsabers, and watching his favorite scifi shows! We ask him about what it’s like to be a Trekkie, technobabble, and the lengths he will go to MORE


Leth’s words + Tana’s art + Jem + roleplaying? Seriously, it’s all the good things rolled into one. Ms. Leth and Ms. Ford spoke to us recently about the genesis of “Roll with It,” translating roleplaying hijinks to comic form, and what projects they h…

Women in Game Development: Anime and IRL

After watching NEW GAME!, we wanted to hear from women working in game development, and share their stories with you all!

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Richard Pini Interviewed on The AngryGeeks Show

Richard Pini recently attended Bing Comic-Con and did an interview with The AngryGeeks Show.
Watch the interview below for Richard’s unique perspective on ElfQuest, including his definitive answer to questions about the ElfQuest movie.


Chandler Riggs Says The Walking Dead Season 8 Has “Lots of Killing”

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Robert Kirkman Addresses Old Man Rick From Walking Dead Trailer

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Tom Payne Drops Walking Dead Season 8 Hints to

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3 Things to Know About Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

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A chat with Tony Sandoval

Tony Sandoval has become a comic-book rockstar with his Eisner-nominated graphic novels DOOMBOY, A GLANCE BACKWARD, and his newest book, RENDEZ-VOUS IN PHOENIX, the true story of his crossing the US-Mexican border to reunite with his girlfriend.  Lion Forge’s “FORGE FORECAST” recently asked Tony some questions about his beautiful books, available now from the Magnetic…

Expect The Walking Dead Season 8 To Be Packed With Action

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Behind-The-Scenes of The Walking Dead VFX!

We have 3 Exclusive Interviews for Insiders with the artists at Rhythm & Hues, who make Shiva & the hordes of walkers in The Walking Dead come to life!

Oxenfree Extended Interview!

Exclusively for Insiders, check out this extended interview with Night School Studios, writers/creators of OXENFREE!

The Walking Dead Magazine #20: An Inside Look

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