Mercury Heat #8 Drops The Hammer

Luiza can handle herself.  With her particular neuro profile, she is just one small shade removed from being a violent psychopath.  Naturally between her psychological predilection and the cybernetic war enhancements she has, there are very few threats that can … Continue reading

(Spoilers) Mercury Heat Gets Down With the Sickness

If you are a fan of Kieron Gillen’s bombastic sci-fi adventure series about a kick ass bounty agent tackling cyber mercs and terrorists on Mercury, then you have come to expect a powerful tale packed with action and violence.  But … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Digital 2/3/16

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 2/3/16: Crossed: Badlands #93 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Fan favorite character Smokey and screenwriter Christos Gage returns to the pages of Crossed with a brand new arc!  Survivalists are seen … Continue reading

Avatar’s Snowy Weather Reading List

So you’re snowed in for the weekend with nothing to do but watch the flakes fall.  Why not make it an Avatar weekend and grab a few of these horrifying tales to warm up your chilly nights? SUPERGOD TPB PRODUCT … Continue reading

The End is Nigh for God is Dead

God is Dead has been an incredible roller coaster ride of intense mythology and horror.  The world has been through so much and yet the petty gods continue to find new ways to spread their spiteful and childish indulgences.  But … Continue reading

War Stories #15 Concludes “Tokyo Club” Arc

Fans of powerful drama and the moving violence of history at war have flocked to Garth Ennis’ War Stories series.  Each month the tales present new perspectives on the horror of war and the impact on the lives behind the … Continue reading

Avatar Press Digital New to ComiXology 12/30/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 12/30/15: Freakangels Vol 1 GN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Warren Ellis’ hugely popular web comic, Freakangels, is here, collected in this gorgeous, full-color series! Twenty-three years ago, twelve … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 12/30/15

These are the new Avatar Press and Boundless Comics items coming to comic book shops on Wednesday 12/30/15: Code Pru #1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Garth Ennis and Raulo Caceres bring you a black humor horror book unlike anything you’ve … Continue reading

Uber Redefines Horror and History

Kieron Gillen is an amazing writer who has entertained us with some of the best comics of the past decade.  Among those incredible tales the story of Uber stands out as a stark and powerful vision that has redefined horror and … Continue reading

The Powerful Conclusion to Crossed +100’s Second Arc Arrives!

Simon Spurrier has been one of the most influential scribes in all of the Crossed Universe.  From his long form story in Crossed: Wish You Were Here to him being hand-selected by Alan Moore to continue the story of Crossed … Continue reading

Max Bemis Delivers Crossed to a Comic Shop

There are many horrible settings where the crossed have brought their particular brand of misery.  Now singer, songwriter, and comic creator, Max Bemis brings them to a comic shop on C-Day.  The setting is familiar, a small shop with the … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 11/25

These are the new Avatar Press items coming to your local comic shop on Wednesday 11/25: Crossed: Badlands #90 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Singer and songwriter Max Bemis of Say Anything takes readers on a twisted trip through the dysfunctional … Continue reading

Alan Moore’s Lovecraftian Horror Masterpiece

Fans of Alan Moore and H.P. Lovecraft are devouring the evolving story of reporter Robert Black as he discovers a hidden world just below the surface in Providence.  Comic book collectors and literary scholars are marveling at the intricate and … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 11/4/15

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to local comic shops this Wednesday 11/4/15: Crossed Vol 14 TPB & HC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Kieron Gillen (Uber, Wicked & Devine) takes the horrors of the Crossed back to the … Continue reading

A New Chapter of War Stories

Garth Ennis has a way of telling the most poignant and powerful tales of war.  His stories focus not only on the action of the particular encounter but on the human element.  In War Stories Ennis finds a way to … Continue reading

Max Bemis Joins the Crossed!

Singer, songwriter, and comic scribe, Max Bemis has lent his distinct voice to a new story arc in Crossed: Badlands #87.  The issue hits comic shops and ComiXology today and tells the powerful tale of two estranged brothers – one … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology 10/14/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 10/14/15: Crossed: Badlands #87 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Singer and song writer Max Bemis spins a fresh tale of terror in the pages of Crossed: Badlands!  In a … Continue reading

Crossed on Bicycles

They say it’s like “riding a bicycle” – you never forget how to do it.  And this week in Crossed +100 #9 we see an entire cell of Crossed illustrating that point.  Though they are clearly the mad depraved monsters … Continue reading

Mercury Heat Sizzles

Kieron Gillen is delivering a unique and action-packed story within the pages of Mercury Heat.  This week as the fourth issue arrives in comic shops, he ups the ante in this original sci-fi spectacle by literally pushing Luiza to the … Continue reading

A New Terrifying Chapter of Providence Arrives Today

Alan Moore’s Lovecraftian masterpiece, Providence, delivers a brand new chapter of slow burn terror today in comic shops.  The fifth oversized ad-free issue takes Robert Black into a nightmare world of hidden monstrosities and sanity breaking horror.  Fans who have … Continue reading