Mercury Heat #8 Drops The Hammer

Luiza can handle herself.  With her particular neuro profile, she is just one small shade removed from being a violent psychopath.  Naturally between her psychological predilection and the cybernetic war enhancements she has, there are very few threats that can … Continue reading

(Spoilers) Mercury Heat Gets Down With the Sickness

If you are a fan of Kieron Gillen’s bombastic sci-fi adventure series about a kick ass bounty agent tackling cyber mercs and terrorists on Mercury, then you have come to expect a powerful tale packed with action and violence.  But … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Digital 2/3/16

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 2/3/16: Crossed: Badlands #93 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Fan favorite character Smokey and screenwriter Christos Gage returns to the pages of Crossed with a brand new arc!  Survivalists are seen … Continue reading

Avatar Press Digital New to ComiXology 12/30/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 12/30/15: Freakangels Vol 1 GN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Warren Ellis’ hugely popular web comic, Freakangels, is here, collected in this gorgeous, full-color series! Twenty-three years ago, twelve … Continue reading