Summer Time Reading – Dan The Unharmable

Summer is here and with it comes the opportunity for reading at the beach or poolside.  There are so many incredible Avatar stories to choose from, but we wanted to highlight a few that may make your summer sizzle. Nothing … Continue reading

Bloom County preview signed by Berkeley Breathed

Enter to win a signed copy of the LIMITED EDITION PREVIEW of Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope, a sample of the all-new strips that have never before been printed! OPUS AWAKENS!!!!! In 2015, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed began (without warning!) producing ALL-NEW Bloom County strips—for the first time in more than 25 years! Breathed released the new Bloom County strips exclusively through

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Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/8/16

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic shops Wednesday 6/8/16: Code Pru Connecting Covers Set PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  In case you missed the original listings, these first two issues  of Code Pru lead directly into the ongoing story in … Continue reading

Garth Ennis’ Code Pru #1 Delivers Black Horror Humor

This holiday season, Garth Ennis will deliver a brand new first issue comic to all the good comic book reading fans.  On December 30th, just before New Year rolls in, comic shops will have Code Pru #1.  This incredible new … Continue reading

Bunny Town #2 available on Comixology

Will Allison’s infamous Bunny Town is now available on ComiXology! Written by: Will Allison Art by: Will Allison Cover by: Will Allison Price: $0.99 The continuing nightmare that is Lonely Bunny’s life in the most adorably horrible place on earth […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

The Dicks Intend to Offend

No one quite knows why Garth Ennis enjoys writing the adventures of Dougie and Ivor so much.  But when the master scribe turns his attention to these two dimwits, the most outrageous and riotously raunchy adventures unfold. Reading Dicks is … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/18/14

New Avatar Press items to comic shops Wednesday 6/18/14: Dicks Vol 2 TP PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     You’ve never met two men more crude and down-on-their-luck than Dougie and Ivor! Following their first explosive foray into private investigation, they turn … Continue reading