Why there are no elf-human hybrids in Elfquest.

The question comes up, from time to time, about whether or not there can be elf-human cross-breeds in the world of Elfquest. The short answer is no.
Here’s the longer answer, with amplification (maybe even up to 11):
We (Wendy and Richard) decided long ago, at the very beginning, that there would be no elf-human hybrids in the world of Elfquest. Mostly, we did this for one very good reason: many other fantasy worlds allow them. To us, the elf-human mix has become, well, kind of tired and a bit boring.

Orphan Boy

Coming when we learn his actual name. For now, he’s “Little Orphan Andy.”

This human is a child of the Longrider tribe. He is one of four children rescued by Khorbasi when Angrif Djun betrayed the Longriders and decimated their village. He is a bit of a complainer, but like Molli, Daboi and Tingeh, he is trying to rise to the challenge of his new life with Chieftess Ember‘s Wolfriders.


TINN-geh (rhymes with skin meh, short “e” as in “help”)

Tingeh is a child of the human Longrider tribe who was nearly burned to death when Angrif Djun betrayed her people and decimated their village. She was rescued by her friend Molli and later healed by Mender after Khorbasi brought her and three other survivors to the safety of the forest.
Despite the trauma of this experience, Tingeh retains her youthful innocence and hope, and is readily adapting to life with Chieftess Ember‘s Wolfriders. Read the rest and comment