Finding the Helpers

It’s been a bit over a week since the events in Parkland, Florida. To be honest, I’m struggling with the thought that the bad in our society outweighs the good and there’s nothing we can do about it. Grief and mourning are both completely appropriate reactions to tragedy, and I don’t mean to downplay the MORE


Peter Quill is a welcomed addition to the FSCW hero roster. The Guardian of the Galaxy has the determination, the agility, and the sarcasm to Read More …

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Miles Morales made a huge impact in Marvel Comics on his debut and the reaction was no less grand in his debut at Fantasy Super Read More …

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From a galaxy far, far away comes a presence FSCW has not felt in…well, ever, actually. Jakku’s junker turned Jedi has brought her own style Read More …

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The icon of every video gamer around the world, Super Mario is an FSCW must and continues to delight fans whenever he shows up. The Read More …

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Jet Black

From the acclaimed anime series Cowboy Bebop, comes the level-headed strong man of the bounty hunter group, Jet Black. Jet made a spectacular debut at Read More …

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The Man, the Myth, The Mayhem known as Deadpool has been a consistent staple for FSCW in many great performances. There’s no telling who’s side Read More …

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Just like the skies of Tamriel are filled with the shouts of the Dovahkiin, every FSCW show fills the room with shouts for this fan Read More …

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The pride of Zambesi, Vixen has been a staple in the DC Universe and we are happy she has become a permanent part of FSCW Read More …

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Mr. Satan

  The World Mixed-Martial Arts Champion is also a FSCW top competitor! Hercule Satan fights for honor! He fights for justice! He fights whenever the Read More …

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unlimiteddisney:”She needed a hero, so that’s what s h e  b e c…


“She needed a hero, so that’s what s h e  b e c a m e.”

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6 Things We Can All Learn From Superheroes

Julia Lepetit and Tristan Cooper

Oh my god, the last one. ;_;

grey-eyed-gemini is edified in the ways of the super hero

Karen Gillan, James Marsters, Michael Rooker Q&A’s, Drink & Draw Headline Programming At Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con

Question-and-answer sessions featuring “Doctor Who” star Karen Gillan, James Marsters (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Caprica”), Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead,” Guardians of the Galaxy), WWE® Superstar Big Show®, “Heroes” cast members Milo Ventimiglia and Robert Knepper and other celebrities top the robust programming schedule at Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con, Friday through Sunday, May 30-June [&hellip

‘Big Ass Spider’ Spins Fun Web

Arachnophobia it may not be. But the succinctly yet aptly titled Big Ass Spider delivers 80 minutes of sci-fi fun, never taking itself too seriously but with a solid cast keeping the narrative on track. Alex Mathis, played by Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), is an exterminator who conveniently ends up in the hospital from a spider [&hellip