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“She needed a hero, so that’s what s h e  b e c a m e.”

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6 Things We Can All Learn From Superheroes

Julia Lepetit and Tristan Cooper

Oh my god, the last one. ;_;

grey-eyed-gemini is edified in the ways of the super hero

Karen Gillan, James Marsters, Michael Rooker Q&A’s, Drink & Draw Headline Programming At Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con

Question-and-answer sessions featuring “Doctor Who” star Karen Gillan, James Marsters (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Caprica”), Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead,” Guardians of the Galaxy), WWE® Superstar Big Show®, “Heroes” cast members Milo Ventimiglia and Robert Knepper and other celebrities top the robust programming schedule at Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con, Friday through Sunday, May 30-June [&hellip

‘Big Ass Spider’ Spins Fun Web

Arachnophobia it may not be. But the succinctly yet aptly titled Big Ass Spider delivers 80 minutes of sci-fi fun, never taking itself too seriously but with a solid cast keeping the narrative on track. Alex Mathis, played by Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), is an exterminator who conveniently ends up in the hospital from a spider [&hellip