News & Reviews – 8/22/15The follow-up to The Life After,…

News & Reviews – 8/22/15

The follow-up to The Life After, Exodus: The Life After, is out this November!

In Stumptown #7, “Rucka continues to playfully mine Portland gourmet and hipster culture for comedic fodder.“

Stumptown, “Just the fact that Greg can take a subject
matter like…coffee and turn it into a
huge story full of lying, deceit and even a form of corporate espionage
complete with armed thugs and attempted hold ups just goes to show how
freakin talented the man is.“

The Lion of Rora “Proves…true historical accounts make for incredible reading.”

The Lion of Rora is “Entertaining, informative, and frequently stirring.”

Charles Soule’s work in Letter 44 is “among some of the most intelligent writing around today.“

Women Write About Comics interviews our Associate Editor Ari Yarwood about Another Castle, open submissions and breaking into comics.

And an interview with Editor Robin Herrera about Over the Surface and The Mighty Zodiac!

Rick and Morty #5 is “Without a doubt the funniest issue of the series yet.“

Invader Zim #2, “Aaron Alexovich continues to nail the house style of the Zim
franchise.  It’s one thing to draw the main characters on-model, but to
also draw original aliens and still have them feel like they stepped out
of a Zim episode; that takes some bonus talent.“