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The War for Imagination is fought on various battlefields.  Luckily most don’t need to unsheathe lacerating blades or deploy explosive weapons. Some just have to develop their unique craft to batter the boring imprisoning boundaries of Reality. 

We Wonderlanders have seen few finer at yielding their Wonderous weapon than our very own chadrificus, Wonderland’s Stitchmaster. 

chadrificus renders all eyes into gaping awe of the power of Imagination as they gaze at his costume designs that are indisputably magnificent. 

His wonder knows no bounds. He can construct any garment, diadem or armory for the sake of Wonder Warriors everywhere. When waging war, Wonderland will win because of warriors like chadrificus

All hail chadrificus this week’s Wonder Warrior! 

Long live his wonder! 

This Week’s Wonder Warriors: fanboybrandon and Ireland…

This Week’s Wonder Warriors: fanboybrandon and Ireland Winter

Wonder leaves a mark on those embodied by it. Hatter Madigan learned through his travels exactly how to spot one who is marked by Wonder—they glow.

This week we honor two Wonder Warriors that illuminated the great halls of Wonder Con: fanboybrandon and his lovely daughter Ireland Winter.   

fanboybrandon has devoted his life to Imagination’s cause. The Heart Crystal shines bright in him as he leads a fleet of Imaginationists to war against Reality through the powers of cosplay!  He gifted his daughter with a knack for imaginative play as well. Ireland embodied Wonderland’s most renown princess with all the grace of Alyss.  

The two radiated Light Imagination as they channeled Hatter Madigan and young Princess Alyss lgw-alyssheart on behalf of frankbeddor  . All who gazed upon them agreed, they were Wonderland’s perfect avatars.  

The presence of such strong imagination kept Dark Imagination under control. Luckily not too many people were beheaded by lgw-queenredd , though , regrettably, there were lots of dismemberment.

We at the Hatter M Institute for Paranormal travel hail fanboybrandon and Ireland Winter for coming to protect the people of Wonder Con and their limbs. 

Long live their Wonder!!!

Long live the imaginations of our Wednesday Wonder Warriors:…

Long live the imaginations of our Wednesday Wonder Warriors:

babylonthrum grey-eyed-gemini insane-halloween-lover  Whoopi Goldberg, and nfcomics

Wonder Warriors Unite!

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