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“Lesson of Dark Imagination from the text THE LOOKING GLASS WARS http://goo.gl/5SiVp2: Queendom Speramus A.R. (After Redd)♥♠♣♦
The queendom had always been a naive, optimistic place. It was as if Wonderland were run by children who had yet put away their childish toys and face the harsh realities of the universe.”

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Dark Imagination besties #QueenRedd and #QueenOfClubs dined on their proverbial New York hotdog together.

Happy Best Friends Day!

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IN  WONDERLAND NEWS : Queen Redd has been flaunting her friendship with Queen of Clubs. Usually pride in friendships is a good thing, but NOTHING with Queen Redd is ever a good thing. Should Wonderlanders be worried about a possible collusion?

What kind of catastrophe can occur if the disputed Queen of Imagination joins forces with the Queen of Intuition?

In Case You Missed Anything

Over the past week New York has played host to the Looking Glass Wars and Frank Beddor for a variety of imaginative events. To recap this twisting rabbit hole of labyrinthine fun, here’s a rundown with links and images In Case You Missed Anything!