SDCC 2018 Day 2: Bride of Chucky 2 Pack, Clothed Ace Ventura, and Ultimate Michael Myers!

News from San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Comic-Con’s in full swing, and so are our announcements! Check out some of the brand new figures we revealed today — or visit booth #3145 and see them for yourself! Bride of Chucky – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Chucky & Tiffany 2-Pack Click thumbnails for larger images: […]

Happy Halloween from Avatar Press!

That wonderful time of the year is finally here!  It’s Halloween and we want to wish a very happy holiday to everyone celebrating the things that go bump in the night.  Take an Avatar Press horror with you tonight and … Continue reading

An Avatar Halloween – Crossed Wish You Were Here

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Winnowill Halloween Cosplay Homage

This year we celebrate Halloween with some of the best homages to ElfQuest’s own wicked sorceress, Winnowill.

Hetalia – Halloween Around The World

The arrival of Hetalia: The World Twinkle (Season 6) on DVD got us wondering how do other countries really celebrate Halloween, October 31st. So we decided to do a bit of research to see how the world celebrates the holiday!       America   As a very popular holiday, participants dress in costumes, go […]

Hetalia – Halloween Around The World

The arrival of Hetalia: The World Twinkle (Season 6) on DVD got us wondering how do other countries really celebrate Halloween, October 31st. So we decided to do a bit of research to see how the world celebrates the holiday!       America   As a very popular holiday, participants dress in costumes, go […]

An Avatar Halloween – Chronicles of Wormwood

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An Avatar Halloween – Black Gas

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It’s time to get spooooky! Watch Maniac Pumpkin Carvers…

It’s time to get spooooky! Watch Maniac Pumpkin Carvers transform pumpkins into two monstrous Marvel villains. 🎃 #MarvelHalloween

Avatar Halloween Treats – Night of the Living Dead

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Ghosts of Stitched

Fans who remember Garth Ennis’ Stitched series may think of it first as a wartime horror tale.  It is after all initially about a group of soldiers that encounter the horrible creatures after their helicopter goes down in hostile territory.  But … Continue reading

Thanks for participating in the Oni Press Halloween Costume…

Thanks for participating in the Oni Press Halloween Costume Contest! We’ll be announcing the winner this Wednesday!

You have until tonight at 11:59 PM PST to enter the Oni Press Halloween Costume Contest for the chance to win SWAG!

Check out the contest information here:

The Final Post! Day 31 of the Fifth Annual Costoberfest; a…

The Final Post! Day 31 of the Fifth Annual Costoberfest; a celebration of Marvel Cosplay and Costuming from around the World!


like to introduce you to the Lady Avengers group, including Rosellen Cosplay, Gingersnap, Ekko Cosplay, Lightened Skies Cosplay, Beyond Believing Cosplay, Twisted Reality Cosplay, Xanthe Flora Cosplay, Songbird Cosplay, Torn Pages Cosplay, Ash-Sama Cosplay, Freijya, Kelly and Ria. Plus Moonlit Marathon Cosplay as Singularity, Gil as Wonder Man, Hildrhien as Sif, Lux Laterna as Hawkeye and Jamie Coastworth & Stretch Stockpile as Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2099!

Photography provided by Kaiju Industries, Moonlit Marathon Cosplay, Gil, In2thereview, Lux Laterna and Carlos Adama.


We want to thank the over 300 cosplayers and costumers that submitted their photos to this year’s Costoberfest! It was a tremendous success with over 150 costumers spotlighted throughout the 31 days. Stay tuned to the Costoberfest Hub as we post even more of the submissions in the next few days. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

For even more, head to


*Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
All photos must be of cosplayers 13 years of age or older. All selected
individuals/groups will be required to sign and return Marvel’s
likeness release and waiver form.

Perfect Halloween Reading – Alan Moore’s NeonomiconTPB

Comic book fans attending Haloween Comic Fest this weekend are looking for the perfect fright to read by candle light during this horror filled holiday season.  Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy of Alan Moore’s terrifying Lovecraftian tome, … Continue reading

You have until tomorrow night at 11:59 PM PST to enter the Oni Press Halloween Costume Contest for the chance to win SWAG!

Check out the contest information here:

Halloween Horrors – Avatar Style

As the Halloween holiday quickly approaches, horror fans begin to look for a new scare to usher in the festivities.  Fans of truly gut wrenching horror know there is really only one book that can achieve that uncomfortable physical reaction … Continue reading

ElfQuest Characters as Iconic Halloween Monsters

Elfquest is the story of the Wolfriders and their adventures surviving on the World of Two Moons, but it’s also the story of how these otherworldly beings took the shape of and inspired human mythology. In celebration of Halloween, we present to you Elfquest’s versions of some classic mythological monsters and supernatural beings.

Hello Oni Press fans!We at Oni Press love Halloween, and are…

Hello Oni Press fans!

We at Oni Press love Halloween, and are doing a Halloween Costume Contest from RIGHT NOW to 11:59 P.M. PST on October 31! Send us photos of your Halloween costume by tagging your Tumblr and Twitter posts with #OniPressHalloween

The marketing team will pick the top five costumes, and then do an office-wide vote for the winner.

BUUUUUT… we kinda dropped the ball on this one, and weren’t sure what to give away as a prize. So we emptied our pockets, and the winner will win:

  • 2 Tate’s Comics, Inc. temporary tattoos
  • 1 Exodus: The Life After koozie
  • 1 Oni Press mascot sticker
  • 2 Hellbreak buttons
  • A pack of 4 Junior Braves of the Apocalypse buttons, and ANOTHER pack with 2 different Junior Braves buttons!
  • 1 Oni Press convention notebook
  • 1 temporary tattoo of a map
  • Some MORE Junior Braves buttons
  • A button with a drawing of Director of Sales Shy Allott’s face by John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery
  • 3.5 feet of cord!
  • A cardboard eyepatch to make it look like your eye is falling out! Scare your pet! Your mom! Little school children!
  • A glow in the dark ghost finger puppet!
  • A Zombie Crossing necklace!
  • A sticky (???) metal Ramona Flowers charm
  • 2 Zombie Bite Kits!
  • An itty bitty shark!
  • A creepy itty bitty astronaut!
  • A little pouch with a beaded peacock!



The winner of the Oni Press Halloween Costume Contest will win:

  • 1 New York Comic-Con Invader Zim #1 variant signed by artist Andrew MacLean!
  • 1 New York Comic-Con Rick and Morty #1 variant signed by artists Andrew MacLean and Tom Fowler!



Its time for our Fourth Costoberfest Spotlight! This year in…

Its time for our Fourth Costoberfest Spotlight! This year in honor of the Cosplay Cover Variants, we’ll be talking to the cosplayers featured on the variants and their costume-making process!

Next up is a Kit Quinn, who is on the The Uncanny Avengers #1 Cosplay Cover Variant, on sale now!

Originally from the Bay Area but living in LA now, Kit grew up as a theater kid, which has made living in LA super fun. She started cosplaying in 2007 when a group of friends got together to make group costumes, including a large Alice in Wonderland group!

We asked Kit to walk us through making of Wasp!

Wasp is a character I’ve wanted to build for a while, I just wasn’t sure I could pull it off. She has quite a few different looks and each one has its own challenges, both in construction and in the actual wearing of the costume. It wasn’t until Steven got a few chrome based projects under his belt that I thought we could pull of her armored look. The body suit was a relatively easy build for me. I added a few of my own pattern details on the back and on the arms to mirror some creative sewing I had to do on Steven’s costume; I was short on fabric, and I really like the results. To keep the stream lined look of her costume I hand sewed water shoes into the feet of the body suit. The gloves were made with Velcro to easily slip on and off so I can do things like eat and use my phone.

Now on to the armor! To make the armor we first had to do a body cast of me.  I was wrapped in plastic wrap and plaster bandages to make the cast which Steven then laid fiberglass into, to create my double.  I was able to use this torso to sculpt the ab plates, but due to a mess up on my part the chest plate had to be sculpted on a body cast I had previously made of myself.  Once the two torsos were ready to be worked on I placed masking tape on them and drew out my basic shapes.  I then transferred this pattern to paper versions to use to cut the shapes out of Monster Clay that I had rolled out into about a ¼” thick sheet.  These cut out pieces of clay were then put back onto my torso where I adding raised details, checked for symmetry, and made sure the angles flowed between the plates.  Once I had the shapes where I wanted Steven came in with his more exacting eye and did the final polishing and altering of the shapes.

The next step is to clear coat the clay, and then mold.  I made mold walls out of more clay and brushed on about 4 layers of silicone. I then made a mother mold out of liquid plaster.  Normally liquid plaster isn’t a great idea for mother molds because it can get heavy and will crack pretty easily, but this mold doesn’t need to last very long, so saving money seemed like a good idea! Once we had the mold I did a junk casting to make sure my mold didn¹t have any flaws and that everything fit.  Steven then did the real casting in Onyx resin backed with Free Form Air.  We wanted the plates to be nice and light to start since we were about to cover all of them in metal.  Once we had the final casting in hand it was time to prime and wet sand to a glossy smooth finish, then off to the chromer!

This is where we made a mistake in our planning.  Our chrome guy said we could pre-embed the magnets into the plates and he could basically chrome around hem using this special chrome resistant tape. Unfortunately the chrome still got to some of the magnets and ate away at their strength so Steven had to drill them out and embed new magnets.  A valuable lesson was learned there! Once all the magnets were secured into the plates it was a fun game of taping the armor to me to figure out where the other half of the magnets needed to go in the body suit to secure the armor in place.  I had acquired some magnets that come in a handy plastic square for just such a purpose as this.  I feel a bit like Iron Man every time I get into this costume, with plates flying in and clicking into place.

All together this costume took about two weeks to construct, and was a pretty fun and simple build.  The funniest moment being when all our friends wanted to go watch The Avengers, but we still needed to work, so we took my smaller chest cast with us to the movie theater to sculpt in the car!  

As Kit grew up wanting to be a princess, which may not be an actual viable career choice, its through cosplay that she can always dress up as any character she wants and be that person, at least in spirit, for a couple days out of the year at conventions

For more from Kit Quinn, click over to her Facebook Page. and for even more from Costoberfest, swing over to

Stay tuned to Marvel’s Tumblr as we continue highlighting more cosplayers from our Cover Variants each week!

Photographs by Judy Stephens and Kitt Quinn.