The Spectrum: Can Greg Grunberg get any geekier? Yes, he can

THE SPECTRUM (USA TODAY)- There aren’t many actors who can say they’ve worked on both a “Star Wars” and a “Star Trek” movie, as well as a DC Comics and a Marvel Comics show. Greg Grunberg can boast all those things, along with his starring role in the hit show “Heroes” and his charity band, Band From TV, which includes […]

Please Welcome Greg Grunberg To Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017!

  Welcome our next Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017 guest… Greg Grunberg! Greg Grunberg is best known for his acting roles as Matt Parkman in the award-winning TV series “Heroes,”  He was also fighter pilot Snap Wexley in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” directed by J.J. Abrams and is also appearing in ParamountPicture’s “Star […]

‘Big Ass Spider’ Spins Fun Web

Arachnophobia it may not be. But the succinctly yet aptly titled Big Ass Spider delivers 80 minutes of sci-fi fun, never taking itself too seriously but with a solid cast keeping the narrative on track. Alex Mathis, played by Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), is an exterminator who conveniently ends up in the hospital from a spider [&hellip

Epic Pictures Group Presents ‘Big Ass Spider!’

Epic Pictures Group announces the home video release of Big Ass Spider! through its U.S. distribution arm, Epic Releasing, on January 7, 2014. The film stars Greg Grunberg (TV’s “Heroes,” TV’s “Alias,” Mission Impossible: III), Lombardo Boyar (Group Sex, Happy Feet I and II), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class, TV’s “Twin Peaks”) and is directed [&hellip