Innekah Door



Innekah is powerful rock-shaper who lived in Blue Mountain. She served as the doorkeeper to the mountain, opening and closing the stone portal that led to the outside world. Like fellow rock-shapers Kaitek and Ekolin, Innekah’s whole living existence was given over to her function, so much so that she became known simply as “Door.”
She responded only to Winnowill’s command when the human tribe the Hoan G’Tay Sho played their pipes to signal they were sending an offering to the mistress of Blue Mountain–although other powerful senders such as Strongbow could also force her to perform.



Slave of Winnowill;

Brace’s sole purpose in Blue Mountain was to use his rock-shaping magic to correct minute stress points in a stone archway to keep it from collapsing. Like Egg and the two Doors, he lived in a sort of suspended animation and was fed a potion as his only sustenance.
Brace presumably died in the fall of Blue Mountain with the rest of his people.