Glorious Digital Books!

This week’s digital releases are crazy good and there’s plenty of them, so no time to waste . . . We’ll kick off this week with Love and Rockets Vol. IV #3. The Locas girls’ punk reunion has come to a close, but the evening has just begun. The Animus situation has gotten out of…

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New Digital Love and Rockets . . . and more!

Jaime and Gilbert are back with another brand-new issue of the pure excellence they can only bring to this fallen world. Also, some more backlist titles! The new issue of Love and Rockets picks up right where #1 left off. Over on Jaime’s side, it’s La Llorona’s turn to hit the stage at the punk…

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Blubber On Your Tablets!

Blubber is back! And we’ve got some backlist books by a few of the medium’s most interesting artists available on your tablets for the first time. Let’s jump right into this week’s digital debuts! Explore the Tower of the Sindog in the latest issue of Gilbert Hernandez’s solo underground side project Blubber. Issue 4 features…

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What’s in Store: Top Ten of 2016

It’s come time for Fantagraphics Bookstore curator Larry Reid to select my favorite comix of 2016. A tough task this year with so many wonderful new books – a little like choosing which of my children I love the most. The choices are so close this list could easily be reversed. 10. Hey Lady. With…

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Re/Read: Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge

Re/Read is an occasional column by Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery curator Larry Reid examining backlist books you may have missed or merit another look. This time we’ll focus on Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge. A generation of comix enthusiasts came of age following the foibles of Buddy Bradley and his crew of lovable…

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Re/Read: Love and Rockets: The Covers

   Re/Read is an occasional column by Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery curator Larry Reid looking back at books you may have missed or merit more attention. This time we’ll discuss the alluring imagery in Love and Rockets: The Covers by Los Bros Hernandez. The colorful covers of early Love and Rockets comic books by Gilbert,…

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What’s in Store: 40 Years of Comics As Art

  Fantagraphics Books commemorates its 40th anniversary with a series of talks, exhibitions, book signings, performances, and parties celebrating four decades of publishing the world’s greatest contemporary cartoonists. The impressive record of accomplishment and immeasurable influence of this Seattle-based enterprise are chronicled in the new book, We Told You So: Comics as Art, An Oral…

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Digital Releases: New Love and Rockets and more!

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Love and Rockets and heralds in a collection of one of punk rock’s best artists—all on your tablets and personal reading devices! Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are back with brand-new stories in Love and Rockets Vol. IV #1! You get Maggie and Hopey! You get Princess…

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Check Out This Week’s Digital Lineup!

New comics from living legends and new favorites, underground artists and Fantagraphics Underground — this week’s got it all! We are proud to present four new digital debuts that both run the gamut of subject matter and celebrate the comics medium as a whole. Gilbert Hernandez is back is with a brand-new, full-color, sexually-explicit retelling…

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Digital Madness!

We’re especially excited about this week’s digital releases, which feature new reprints, old favorites, and an Argentine debut! More rage per page! More slaughter for your dollar! Real Deal, a self-published independent comic book created by Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard and H.P. “R.D. Bone” McElwee, in finally collected in all its glory. Combining classic Mad magazines…

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LOVE AND ROCKETS: THE MAGAZINE returns!Gilbert and Jaime…

LOVE AND ROCKETS: THE MAGAZINE returns!Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez to revive their beloved series.Get all the details on the Flog:

LOVE AND ROCKETS: THE MAGAZINE returns!Gilbert and Jaime…

LOVE AND ROCKETS: THE MAGAZINE returns!Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez to revive their beloved series.Get all the details on the Flog:

Panels from Love and Rockets. What are you lucky comics?

Panels from Love and Rockets. What are you lucky comics?

What’s in Store: Free Comic Book Cake

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery this Saturday, May 7. We’ll be passing out free copies of a Love & Rockets sampler ahead of this summer’s reboot of the classic comic as a quarterly series. Come rediscover the beloved book that launched the alternative comix movement. Speaking of beloved…    …

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CAKE Bake Auction

Saturday, April 25th

Chicago, IL – A strong comics community exists in Chicago, and for the third year in a row it’s banding together again for the annual fundraiser to support CAKE or, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. This year features a delicious lineup of artists auctioning off original works during a silent and live bidding, with all proceeds going to this year’s CAKE.

Doors at No Nation open at 7 PM, and the show begins at 8 with performances by John Porcellino, Sarah Heymann, Ben Marcus and auctioneer Lyra Hill. There’ll also be music by El is a Sound of Joy. Admission starts with a $5 suggestion, but a full $20 donation will enter the individual into a raffle for prizes from Bred PressGraham CrackersQuimby’s and Spudnik Press

The live auction will feature 20-30 pieces of beautiful work that has been donated by Chicago artists such as Lane MilburnLilli CarreIvan Brunetti and Anders Nilsen.

(Lilli Carre and Lane Milburn)

All the proceeds from the auction go right back into the event, making it possible for the organization to bring out special guests and create programming and workshops. This years special guests include Jaime HernandezGilbert HernandezEleanor Davis, and Dash Shaw

CAKE takes places June 6th-7th, and this FREE show is open to the public from 11 AM-6 PM. More details about Fantagraphics at CAKE to come! In the meantime, consider making a stop at CAKE Bake this Saturday, and get loaded up on excellent art treats that’ll satisfy more than just a sweet tooth.


VICE Comics and YOU

esther vice

You might read them religiously, or just while you’re trolling online, but VICE has been working on bringing readers daily doses of comics from some of the hottest and hardest working artists from across the globe. Run by VICE Comics editor, Nick Gazin, the online series got up and running on September 11, 2011 with a meta Blobby Boys comic by Alex Schubert. Since then, VICE has picked up the pace with a rotation of ongoing weekly and monthly series, or a three month rotation.

This latest batch of artists is not to be missed, and is diverse and the people making them. Simon Hanselmann’s Megg, Mogg and Owl strips have been running weekly for almost a year, and we can’t get enough of them. The gang’s antics of galavanting through Amsterdam, or vegging out with a bowl and pizza (or six) is a constant high of the week.

 mmo shave
(Simon Hanselmann, July 2014)

Since then, a number of talented artists have been brought on rotation, including Gilbert Hernandez with Roy in Hollywood, introducing a whole new generation of internet readers to the defining artist. Be sure to check out his new single issue series, Blubber, debuting this summer at San Diego Comic-con.  

The Leslie Stein monthly diary comics have been reflective, sweet, and often spot on with her tales of childhood, moms, dogs, and benders. They’re the perfect ramp up to her new book, Bright-Eyed at Midnight, a year long, page-a-day artistic experiment, often fuled by insomnia, which will be released this August. 

leslie diary
(Leslie Stein, April 2015) 

Most recently, Lane Milburn and Esther Pearl Watson have joined the VICE lineup with out of this world sci-fi adventures, and two ladies who kick-ass and don’t give a rip about your name. Watson’s Blood Lady Commandos is the A-Team meets Golden Girls, hilarious and righteous to behold. And with Milburn’s new sci-fi epic, Envoy, the futuristic wasteland is traversed by bounty hunter, Jo Sparta. All your Heavy Metal infused dreams come true with this series. 

envoy vice
(Lane Milburn, November 2014) 

 Dozens of other fantastic artists have been contributing to this ongoing comic anthology, and I can’t recommend them enough. Check back often to see new updates, new series, and new artists bring you your new dose of comics. 

March Booklist Reviews

Next month’s issue of Booklist will include reviews of recent releases by Fantagraphics cartoonists + creators, excerpted below:

A Starred review for Displacement by Lucy Knisley
“Knisley finds both the humor and the sadness in her grandparents’ condition…Whereas Knisley’s previous travel memoirs speak more to the young adult experience, Displacement is a timely and mature work that pairs perfectly with other elder-care titles, such as Roz Chast’s Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant? (2014).” –Snow Wildsmith

Love and Rockets 7
Love and Rockets: New Stories #7 by Jaime Hernandez & Gilbert Hernandez
“Jaime’s economically elegant cartooning and Gilbert’s bold designs and imaginative characterizations-will leave fans satisfied and eager for next year’s installment.” –Gordon Flagg

Creeping Death from Neptune by Basil Wolverton, edit by Greg Sadowski
“Wolverton was a genre unto himself..No matter what he drew-science fiction, costumed crime fighters, or wacky humor-his distinctively iconoclastic style, marked by blocky compositions and idiosyncratic stippling, set it far apart from anything else.” –Gordon Flagg

Seven cities
Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge: The Seven Cities of Gold by Carl Barks
“Barks’ flair for combining humor with thrills is unmatched, as are his clear, expressive cartooning and his command of visual storytelling. The full-color restoration of the artwork and the useful historical notes give Barks’ consummate work the deluxe presentation it richly deserves.” –Gordon Flagg

Spawn of Mars
Spawn of Mars and Other Stories by Al Feldstein & Wallace Wood
“Wood’s detail-laden panels, vibrant brushwork, and chiaroscuro lighting effects gave his stories a verisimilitude that the primitive cinematic special effects of the era sorely lacked…While the stories might be best enjoyed by a precocious 12-year-old, it takes an adult reader to fully appreciate Wood’s astonishing craft.” –Gordon Flagg

Cake 2015 Special Guests and more

CAKE 2015 in Chicago sent out their final list of special guests and exhibiters today and we CANNOT wait! We are, as usual, blown away but the number of specials guests at conventions who have Fantagraphics books and comics out. Behold, …

Multiversity Interview with Eric Reynolds on Palomar Challenge


The award-winning and timeless collection of Love and Rockets stories gathered into the gorgeous book, Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez, was published more than a decade ago. But controversy at a high school library in New Mexico has given new life into the continuing dicussion, and sometimes battle, that surrounds comics when they attempt to break new ground and tackle themes which require context and analysis. 

As Jen Vaughn pointed out in our original posting of the challenged book, one mother of a 14-year-old who had checked out the offending text from Rio Rancho High School library, took to the local TV station, KOAT, to report that she had found pages upon pages of “child pornography pictures and child abuse pictures”. She demanded that there be an investigation to find out how the book was allowed into the library in the first place.

Since KOAT’s initial “reporting” of the book’s content, several outstanding organizations have come to its defense. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a First Amendment protection group, has teamed up with the Kids’ Right to Read Project, and sent a letter to the Superintendent of Rio Rancho calling on the school to uphold it’s own preported standards of procedure when it comes to a book’s challenge. Additionally, the letter points out the obvious merits that the book carries within its pages, which have been lauded by numerous publications like The Times of London and Publisher’s Weekly over the years for Hernandez’s elastic realism approach to familial drama that immediately invokes comparison to writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  

pal panel 

Today, Greg Matiasevich at Multiversity posted an interview with Fantagraphics’ Associate Publisher, Eric Reynolds, and CBLDF Executive Director, Charles Brownstein to get their reactions to Palomar being pulled from the shelves as it awaits a formal review from the school. When asked about why the removal of such a book is important, Reynolds replies:

“I don’t much care whether Palomar is in one particular library or not, but I do care about one rogue parent bypassing appropriate channels to remove it, instead escalating via a media that was all too enthusiastic in egregiously mischaracterizing the content of the work, fueling community outrage with flat-out falsehoods. It’s unproductive for everyone involved.”

As Matiasevich points out, products based on comic books dominates our entertainment culture in the form of movies and TV shows, but too often the art form that these products were built off of is easily called out by those with little understanding of the medium itself, and shamefully erased from the hands of potential readers through public defamation. Brownstein and the CBLDF continue to take up these battles because “comics have a legitimate place in contemporary libraries and schools, but are more vulnerable to attack that other kinds of books because images are easier to take out of context and because there is still a diminishing, but lingering stigma that the medium is of low value.” 

Numerous titles have proven that assumption wrong over the years, but it’s important to remember no one deserves to have stories or art taken from their hands due to the opinion of one person. Palomar is awaiting its fate at the Rio Rancho High School library, and the CBLDF will be standing by to update on their final decision.

Now in Stock – Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 5): Ofelia by Gilbert Hernandez

Just arrived and shipping now from our mail-order department:

Love and Rockets (Palomar & Luba Book 5): Ofelia by Gilbert Hernandez - Cover

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 5): Ofelia
by Gilbert Hernandez

256-page black & white 7.25″ x 10.25″ softcover
$19.99 | 978-1-60699-806-9

See Previews / Order Now

In Ofelia, the sisters, the kids, and the cousins are all settled comfortably in California after leaving Palomar in Luba and Her Family. Luba and her cousin Ofelia’s relationship has always been fraught, but when Ofelia threatens to write a book about Luba, past memories, secrets, resentments, and pain resurface. Meanwhile, Luba’s children—genius Socorro, recently out-and-proud Doralís, and prickly Maricela—show that a talent for trouble may be hereditary. Luba’s sisters, Fritz and Petra, swap lovers (as usual), but…are Fritz and family friend Pipo sittin’ in a tree? These vividly drawn characters are charged with Hernandez’s trademark complexity; they live, love, age, fight— and die—in this sweeping, multigenerational saga.