Our Saturday Recap: Panels, Cosplay, and Merch! Oh My!

The first day of con has come and gone, and there are plenty of feels to go around. Each year, my team covers various panels and events to write about for the GeekGirlCon blog—a truly daunting task, of course. This year we each wanted to write a short blurb about our experiences during the weekend MORE

Gaming at GeekGirlCon ’18

Over the weekend of GeekGirlCon, there are of course a whole slew of activities for you to enjoy. From the various geek-themed panels, to the family-friendly DIY Science Zone, from Artist Alley to the bustle of the Exhibitor Hall, there’s always something to see and do. Speaking of seeing and doing, the gaming spaces at MORE

Trivia at Mox Boarding House on September 9!

Calling all geeks (AKA every person reading this post)! Join GeekGirlCon Sunday, September 9 for an afternoon of trivia fun at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue! If you’re unfamiliar with Mox Boarding House, here’s what you need to know: Mox is a gathering place for gamers and geeks of ALL AGES. However, they also serve MORE

Hey, Staffer! Whatcha Geekin’ Out About? An Interview with Jo Lau

In this edition of Hey, Staffer, I’m taking the reigns from Jo (JC) and interviewing her for a change. I have been honored to work for the past year under Jo as a GeekGirlCon Copywriter to her Manager of Editorial Services. Jo has recently transitioned into a new role here at GGC–read on to learn about her new position, MORE

Confirmed Arcade Games for AX 2018

The eGaming area in the Entertainment Hall will feature the following arcade games, courtesy of Lost Levels! Aerosmith Stern After Burner Asteroids Deluxe Centipede Captain Commando Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Supernova Dance Maniax 2 Die Hard The Arcade Double Dragon Drummania V8 Galaga Game of Thrones Stern Ghost Busters Stern Guardians of…

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This Thursday during @guardiangames’ Free Pizza and Beer Night!…

This Thursday during @guardiangames’ Free Pizza and Beer Night! We will be showing off our game @popcatsfighter and demoing the game! Everyone 21+ is welcome! Games start at 6pm! I’ll be giving away some stickers as well, so really you have no reason f…

We’re at @arcanecomics about to start our PopCats Fighter Demo!…

A post shared by NINJABOT (@theninjabot) on Jun 9, 2018 at 4:05pm PDT
We’re at @arcanecomics about to start our PopCats Fighter Demo! We’ll be here from 4-8pm in the Seattle area! Check it out!

#theninjabot #ninjabot #arnel #arnelbaluyot #popcat #p…

Our final prototypes are here! 💜 They are gorgeous! 😻 Soon these…

Our final prototypes are here! 💜 They are gorgeous! 😻 Soon these will be played by bloggers and reviewers, and I can’t wait for them to see them!
I’m taking some of these to SDCC if you’re interested and checking out our game ;)!
#theninjabot #ninjabo…

Geek About Town: April

Spring has officially sprung, dear blog readers! And that means flowers popping up, bursts of sun to up those depleted vitamin D levels, and, most importantly, plenty of amazing events coming up! Here’s a look at what’s happening this month. Get ready to mark your calendars for movies, meetups, and talks galore!   Saturday, March MORE

The Future is Bright for The Walking Dead Alum Chandler Riggs!

It all started with a HUGE role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat… Well, not a huge role, actually just a choir boy. However, this was the springboard that shot the acting bug at a young Chandler Riggs. Growing up with parents who were a part of the theatre community in Atlanta, baby Chandler […]

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Hey, Staffer! An Interview with Alyssa Askew

New Year, New Staffer! We’re kicking off 2018 with an interview with Alyssa Askew, our Assistant Games Manager. Alyssa has been working with us since early last year, and works with our Manager of Gaming, Alyssa Jones. (Yes, there are two people working on our games team named Alyssa. What are the odds?) Here, she MORE


Leth’s words + Tana’s art + Jem + roleplaying? Seriously, it’s all the good things rolled into one. Ms. Leth and Ms. Ford spoke to us recently about the genesis of “Roll with It,” translating roleplaying hijinks to comic form, and what projects they h…


Supercon Gaming has a fully packed schedule of video game tournaments featuring the best games across the most popular consoles. Full tournament schedule will be Read More …

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Tabletop Gaming

Supercon Tabletop Gaming is bringing an extensive library of board games, card games, RPGs, and more to Florida Supercon for YOU to enjoy! Supercon’s Tabletop Read More …

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Ready Player One: Gaming Highlights for GeekGirlCon ’17

I love games, and I think that one of my favorite places at GeekGirlCon is on the Gaming Floor. It’s a big, open space and lends itself to all sorts of game-related content, be it board games to check out, a walk-up RPG area, console games, and more! Here are some of the cool things MORE

Panel Highlight: Diversity and inclusion in fandoms, RPGs, and beyond

We’re living in a time with an incredible volume of movies, television, comics, books, and games. The options seem nearly endless, and while that’s exciting, it can also be disheartening when so much of that content still isn’t diverse and inclusive. During several panels at GeekGirlCon, we will celebrate diversity in fandoms, constructively criticize the MORE

Watch D.Va voice actor Charlet Chung take a tour of Blizzard HQ

Echo Fox competes for $300,000 in H1Z1: Fight for the Crown,…

Echo Fox competes for $300,000 in H1Z1: Fight for the Crown, tomorrow at 9/8c on The CW. See them train now: bit.ly/h1z11

HMK at Supercon Retro

RETRO TICKETS | RETRO EVENTS | RETRO GUESTS | RETRO PARTICIPATE | RETRO EXHIBITORS | RETRO HOTEL | RETRO VOLUNTEER HMK is a YouTuber, Twitch Partner, Social Media Influencer, Internet Personality and a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube! HMK specializes in HYPED Read More …

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Rainbow Siege 6 was pretty fun! I’m pretty excited to play…

Rainbow Siege 6 was pretty fun! I’m pretty excited to play the beta soon! It’s going to be super sweet!!! #theninjabot #ninjabot #paxprime #pax #seattle #gaming