Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 11/26/14

New Avatar Press comic books to local comic shops on Wednesday 11/26/14: Crossed +100 Taste Test PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?Before the epic begins, we offer a sampler platter, if you will, showing the savory goods on offer. Get a … Continue reading

Are You Ready for the Future of Crossed?

Avatar Press premiered the much anticipated first look at Alan Moore’s Crossed + 100 at last week’s New York Comic Con.  Fans soaked up the Taste Test preview that included Moore’s essay on the upcoming series and gave glimpses of … Continue reading

Alan Moore on Crossed +100

The internet was a-buzz with excitement when the news about famed creator Alan Moore taking on a new series that goes 100 years beyond the viral outbreak of the Crossed in Garth Ennis’ seminal survival horror story.  Moore spoke on what … Continue reading

New in October Previews – Alan Moore: Crossed + 100

The new volume of Previews hits comic shops tomorrow and with it comes the announcement Crossed fans have been waiting for.  The man who redefined the comics medium, Alan Moore, is putting his stamp on Garth Ennis’ runaway hit horror … Continue reading

Alan Moore Delivers The Future of Crossed

Alan Moore has returned to full scripting a new monthly comic for this series, and was compelled to do so through a series of increasingly piquant conversations with his friend Garth Ennis about the implications of the Crossed series for … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/30/14

Avatar Press new titles in comic shops Wednesday 4/30/14: Absolution Vol 2 TPB Rubicon PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Screenwriter CHRISTOS GAGE takes his network television hardboiled crime sensibilities back to the violent world he created to reveal the fate of police superhero … Continue reading

New in February Previews – Uber Year 2 Begins

Avatar Press is proud to present the second year of Kieron Gillen’s radical reinvention of the super solider comic book, Uber, with Uber #12.  Illustrating this pivotal new arc is Ferals artist Gabriel Andrade, whose visceral work bringing Dale Chesnutt … Continue reading

Sneak Peek at Uber Special

This March, Kieron Gillen’s alternate history war epic will reveal the back story of the deadly German Battleship Ubers in the Uber Special #1.  This 40 page one shot story features the art of Gabriel Andrade, the artist that made … Continue reading

Avatar Press New In January Previews

While March’s C-Day celebrates all things Crossed, Kieron Gillen’s Uber also takes center stage with an oversized one shot issue that digs deep into the origin of the Ubers.  The Uber Special #1 is a 40 page story that features … Continue reading

Ferals Chapter 3 Leads to All Out War

David Lapham’s redefining of the werewolf mythology into a vital, horrifying, and vicious survival tale has been one of the must-read horror comics of the past few years.  Dale Chesnutt is a flawed sheriff and a feral man that has … Continue reading