Watch Glenn Play With His Son In Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-Ray Extra

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Crossed +100 Countdown to the End

Simon Spurrier has been praised for his work in the Crossed universe.  From Crossed Wish You Were Here to his critically received stories in Badlands and several Annuals/Specials, every story he has created has touched a nerve with powerful characters … Continue reading

Simon Spurrier Takes Crossed +100 5 Years Ahead

In the first issue of the third arc of Crossed +100 (#13), author Simon Spurrier takes our intrepid hero Future Taylor five years forward into the future.  No…we didn’t rename it Crossed +105 but we do have a story that … Continue reading

Kieron Gillen Delivers the Future

Today’s the day – October 21, 2015 – the day that Doc and Marty go to in Back to the Future II.  Sadly we have no flying cars, self drying jackets, or hover boards yet in real life.  But we … Continue reading

TOKYOPOP evolving

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Co-working space and Cyberport in Hong Kong

TOKYOPOP Fam: 你好 (Ni hao)!from 香港(Hong Kong)! I’ve just spent the past two weeks in China – starting in Beijing,… Read More

Crossed +100 #7 Welcomes Simon Spurrier

The say the future is wide open and ripe with possibilities.  Well the people that say that clearly don’t live in a Crossed world.  This June Crossed Wish You Were Here scribe Simon Spurrier steps into the Crossed +100 world … Continue reading

Simon Spurrier Picked By Alan Moore to Continue Crossed +100

Simon Spurrier is no stranger to the world of Crossed.  His run on Crossed: Wish You Were Here and his many entries into the world of Crossed: Badlands make him one of the most well versed in that universe behind … Continue reading

Step Inside the Future of Crossed

Alan Moore has redefined the comics medium multiple times with revolutionary stories that have a place of reverence within the reading community.  Last year in God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha he lent his distinctive voice to the deity … Continue reading

Countdown to Crossed +100

Next week the highly anticipated new Alan Moore series, Crossed +100 #1 will be on sale in comic shops and digitally. ?The series marks the return of the scribe that changed the very nature of comic storytelling in a new … Continue reading

Alan Moore Delivers The Future of Crossed

Alan Moore has returned to full scripting a new monthly comic for this series, and was compelled to do so through a series of increasingly piquant conversations with his friend Garth Ennis about the implications of the Crossed series for … Continue reading