FREEZING, Vol. 17-18Story and art by: Dall-Young Lim and…

FREEZING, Vol. 17-18

Story and art by: Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim
MSRP: $19.99
Release date: October 31, 2017 


The Valkyries are put to the test in a group exercise to show off their talents! But when things go wrong, they find themselves facing their fellow Pandora, who have been driven mad by visions of unknown origin. While the Valkyries try to get their former squadmates back under control, Kazuya tries to free Satellizer from her own nightmares before they consume them both. But is Kazuya’s love truly strong enough to save her?

FREEZING, Vol 15-16Story and art by: Dall-Young Lim, Kwang-Hyun…

FREEZING, Vol 15-16

Story and art by: Dall-Young Lim, Kwang-Hyun Kim
MSRP: $19.99
Release date: June 27, 2017


After the E-Pandora fiasco, Chevalier is once again looking for ways to bolster Earth’s anti-Nova protectors. This is where the Valkyrie program comes in, aiming to create warriors as powerful as the Pandora–minus the negative side effects. But Satellizer and Kazuya have other problems to deal with. Together, they’ve faced numerous foes: aggressive classmates, romantic rivals…not to mention mankind’s greatest threat, the Nova. But the Untouchable Queen is still nervous. It’s time for her to meet Aoi Gengo, Kazuya’s grandfather–and the mastermind behind the Pandora!

FREEZING, volume 13-14Story by: Dall-Young LimArt by:…

FREEZING, volume 13-14

Story by: Dall-Young Lim
Art by: Kwang-Hyun Kim
MSRP: $19.99
Release date: February 28, 2017


It’s friend against friend! E-Pandora continues their rebellion
against Chevalier and its inhumane treatment of the girls. Meanwhile, Amelia
learns the harsh truth of the origins of the project as she confronts the woman
she once looked up to more than anyone else.

Amidst the chaos, a previously unknown Nova form arises,
threatening the lives of everyone in the Alaskan facility. Can the girls put
aside their differences long enough to contain this common foe before it’s too
late? Some warriors will sacrifice everything
for their cause, but in the war against the Nova, that might not be enough.


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