Ekolin Door

Rock-Shaper, Floater

EKK-uh-linn (rhymes with WRECK-a-skin)
Recognized of Dodia;
Father of Harotim

Ekolin is an ancient elf, originally a follower of Voll, and was one of the shapers of Blue Mountain. In the long ago days, he allied himself with Winnowill and helped shape her secret hidden chambers deep in the mountain. As Winnowill descended into stagnation and madness, Ekolin found himself, as all the Gliders eventually did, no longer a companion but a minion.
For Ekolin, that meant existence in a semi-comatose state, awake and aware of events around him, but unable to move, perched above the stone portal leading to Winnowill’s private lair.

Anahvi and M’Ren

Elves of the Future


Anahvi and M’Ren are a coupled pair of elves living in the Palace in future times, after the elves have left the World of Two Moons. They are contemporaries of Jink and The Rebels.
Anahvi is sharp and headstrong while M’Ren is of a more accommodating nature. Both use the ability to glide, at least when they are in traveling through space in the Palace.
What their roles in the Palace are, to whom they are related, and their part in the bigger ElfQuest tale are stories that remain to be told.