Preview of Final Quest Issue 22

Dark Horse Comics has released three pages of issue 22 of ElfQuest: Final Quest. The full issue is out on October 25 in comics shops, from TFAW, and digitally from Dark Horse Digital and Comixology.

Cover Art of Final Quest 23 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover and issue synopsis for Final Quest issue 23. Things are heating up in the Holt in the penultimate issue of Final Quest! SPOILER ALERT.

New Issue: Final Quest 21 is Here

Issue 21 of Final Quest is here!
Sometimes paths meet, and sometimes they diverge. On the World of Two Moons, both are happening–can nothing stop the process? Human warriors who have invaded the Wolfriders’ land press ever closer to the sacred Father Tree, bringing death. The ancient Glider called Door presses closer and closer to his dream to conquer the Palace of the High Ones. And for Cutter and Skywise, “brothers in all but blood,” has the time come for their paths to separate once and for all?

Preview of Final Quest issue 21

Here’s a teaser of issue number 21 of ElfQuest: The Final Quest. This one has some major revelations, so we are giving an extra spoiler alert this time!
Throughout the entirety of ElfQuest, Cutter and Skywise have been ”brothers in all but blood.” Now the Stargazer must make an inescapable choice–remain on the World of Two Moons with his heart-family, or travel among the stars as he has always longed. Can his bond with Cutter survive? Meanwhile, human invaders once again threaten a sacred elf-home with fire, and there is only one who can stand in their way.

Cover Art of Final Quest 22 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art and teaser synopsis for issue 22 of Final Quest:

Only three issues left to go in the Final Quest story, and the peril ramps up to levels never before reached in ElfQuest. Out on the open waters, the Wavedancers renew their efforts to keep the seas free of human warships that carry deadly weapons. Yet even as the invaders press closer and closer to the sacred Father Tree, there is time for final farewells, for new lives beginning and old lives ending, as the Palace of the High Ones makes ready to depart the World of Two Moons .

Listen to Episode 32 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Final Quest #20 is here and it’s party time in Father Tree Holt. The impending threat of gun-wielding humans doesn’t stop the elves from celebrating a new lifemating and a surprise Recognition. With Ryan off on vacation, David and special guest hosts Lisa Lannen and Katie La Salle-Lowry discuss these joyous events, plus the handing over of the mantle of chieftainship, new developments in Moonshade and Strongbow’s troubled relationship, a new look for some trolls, a lovemate for Two-Edge, Rayek growing up, the spectre of death by fire for some ancient elves, and the answer to the question, “who stays, who goes?”
Stream it above, or head to SoundCloud to download it here.

Final Quest 20 is Here

Issue 20 of Final Quest is here!
The season of white cold is in the air, but at the moment the Wolfriders are more caught up in celebration than preparing for difficult times ahead. As they learned in the First War, so many years ago, the elves know that there may be hard choices to make—and harder battles to fight. So while the blood still runs hot in their veins, Cutter and Leetah and the rest of the combined tribes party as if tomorrow will never come!