Cover Art of ElfQuest Final Quest #20 Released

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art for issue #20 of The Final Quest. Can you say “party time”?
Here’s the teaser blurb:

“Winter is coming, but love is still in the air! Among the Wolfriders, some celebrate new bonds while others welcome new life. Cutter holds a fateful council: it’s now time for all elves to choose—travel with the Palace back to the Star Home, or remain on the World of Two Moons. Meanwhile, the invading human warriors press closer to the very center of Iceholt, the home of the elves’ sacred Father Tree—and they bring the most fearsome weapon of all!”

The issue will be available in comics shops and digitally on June 28, 2017 (the original May publication date has been changed).

Listen to Episode 29 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

In this episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, Ryan and David discuss issue #18 of the Final Quest. Cutter completes his latest quest in the Frozen Mountains and the guys muse on the implications of his powerful apology for both elves and trolls. They also talk about the evolution of Strongbow and Moonshade’s troubled relationship, the growing powers of the Palace Dwellers, the poor treatment Two-Edge has received in his long life, Skywise’s foibles and Venka’s big surprise.
Ryan and David cover all this and more in this episode of the podcast!

Final Quest 18 is Here

Issue 18 of Final Quest is here!
It’s been thousands of years since the hidden key in Cutter’s sword, New Moon, was first used. The Wolf Chief’s followers are stunned as the goal of their mysterious new quest is revealed. Elsewhere, Shuna feels a resurgence of the warrior spirit she once embraced as she and her elfin allies prepare Iceholt’s native humans for invasion. Bonds of love and loyalty deepen, and Cutter’s leadership is needed more than ever. But is he, after all he has endured, up to the task?

Preview of Final Quest #18

Dark Horse Comics has released a four-page preview of issue #18 of the Final Quest. Check it out here.
The full issue is out in comics shops and Dark Horse Digital on January 25.

Listen to Episode 28 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Final Quest #17 raises as many questions as it answered. Cutter seems on the path back to sanity, but what is his newest quest all about? What does he need Two-Edge for and why is the key so important? Who is this new troll king? Will Venka crush Rayek, or will she sense the profound change in her sire? Are all the Howling Winds Holt Wolfriders moving to the Father Tree Holt? How will Shuna’s idea of teaching the human tribes of Iceholt the Djunsland tongue possibly help them survive the coming onslaught?

Cover Art of Final Quest Issue 19 is Released

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art for issue 19 of the Final Quest. The issue is available on March 22. Click through to read the spoiler-filled issue synopsis.

Final Quest #17 Is Here

Issue 17 of Final Quest is here!
One who is dying is given an opportunity to make amends for a terrible choice that could change the world forever. One who has been saved from darkness is given a chance to demonstrate a change of heart and mind. One who has returned from among the lost makes a perilous decision that could affect the lives of all. And, at the top of the world, waits in old, brutal enemy.
Get the issue from your local comics shop, order it from TFAW or download it immediately from Dark Horse Digital.