OMG – A Murderous Middle-Schooler is on the Loose!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And it’s only because she’s desperate that Hitagi Senjogahara enlists her former nemesis, sleaziest-of-the-sleazy con man Deishu Kaiki, to use his questionable skills to thwart Nadeko Sengoku. Nadeko Sengoku. Super-cute, super-shy middle-schooler whose disastrous … Continue reading

A Stroll Down Memory Lane.

In ONIMONOGATARI (Demon Tale), the spotlight once again is on Shinobu Oshino (fka the uber-aberration Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade). In this installment of the Monogatari epic, Shinobu shares with Koyomi Araragi her recollections of events that happened 400 years ago, when … Continue reading


In OTORIMONOGATARI: Decoy Tale, NISIOISIN turns the spotlight on a most reluctant subject. Middle-schooler Nadeko Sengoku is super-adorable, but shy to the point of not even being there. She hides under big hats and long bangs, apologizes profusely for everything, … Continue reading


HANAMONOGATARI: Flower Tale is Kanbaru’s story and shows us quite another side of this potty-mouthed former basketball ace. Suruga Kanbaru is feeling down in the dumps. The “injury” that forced her to give up playing basketball – the devil who’s … Continue reading


(You’ll have to read the book to get that reference, but here’s a hint: fireworks!) Vampires. Time travel. Zombies. Araragi’s inappropriate behavior. KABUKIMONOGATARI: Dandy Tale has all your favorite elements – and some shocking new ones. In KABUKIMONOGATARI (“kabuki” not … Continue reading

More intrigue. More blood. More angst. More fiendish wordplay. More NISIOISIN!

If you’re a fan of the novels of Japanese phenom NISIOISIN, don’t wait to get your hands around STRANGULATION: Kubishime Romanticist, the follow-up to Decapitation and the second part of NISIOISIN’s debut Zaregoto series. Like Decapitation, STRANGULATION presents a puzzling … Continue reading

Catnip for Hanekawa Fans

In Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale, Part 03, NISIOISIN revealed that life for bespectacled, model student, class president among class presidents Tsubasa Hanekawa was a lot more complicated than she let on. Now, NEKOMONOGATARI Cat Tale (WHITE) leads us into even murkier … Continue reading

“Why did you get into the anime business?”

As women working in an industry dominated by men, producer Kayako Arishina, director Hitomi Saito, and animator Kazuna Namisawa get asked the question a lot. And sometimes, it’s really hard to find the answer. Is it enough to love anime, … Continue reading

MAY we suggest some hot holiday reading?

The long Memorial Day weekend promises a break from school and work — and extra hours to relax in the sun or under a shady tree and catch up on the newest Vertical books. This month’s offerings include the latest … Continue reading

April Showers mean more Vertical Reading Hours

New Releases Ajin: Demi-Human, 09 by Gamon Sakurai Devils’ Line, 07 by Ryo Hanada Tokyo ESP, 08 by Hajime Segawa Immortal Hounds, 04 by Ryo Yasohachi April is a month of transition. With it comes spring showers, warmer longer days, … Continue reading

And you thought you knew Hanekawa?

BAKEMONOGATARI: Monster Tale, Part 03 turns the spotlight on Tsubasa Hanekawa, bespectacled model student, class president among class presidents, and unwavering supporter of Koyomi Araragi. Since self-described loser Araragi’s very first encounter with an aberration, Hanekawa has been along for … Continue reading

Spring into a New Season with Vertical

New Releases BLAME!, 03 by Tsutomu Nihei Mysterious Girlfriend X, 05 by Riichi Ueshiba Nichijou – My Ordinary Life, 07 by Keiichi Arawi Flying Witch, 01 by Chihiro Ishizuka There is an idiom that states, “march comes in like a … Continue reading

Love is like a box of Vertical Book

New Releases FukuFuku: Kitten Tales, 02 by Konami Kanata To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, 04 by MAYBE Devils’ Line, 05 by Ryo Hanada CardFight!! Vanguard, 07 by Akira Itou For the month of February, we at Vertical turned our focus … Continue reading

Read More…the Ideal Resolution for 2017

New Releases Dissolving Classroom,by Junji Ito Nichijou: My Ordinary Life, 06 by Keiichi Arawi Immortal Hounds, 03 by Ryo Yasohachi Ninja Slayer, 07 by Yuuki Yogo A new year has begun and with a new calender comes a new list … Continue reading

Hats (and Heads) off to *NISIOISIN* for Penning a Whodunit like Nothing You’ve Ever Read Before!

Iria Akagami collects geniuses. Eccentric and extremely rich (even after being disinherited by her family), Iria lives on a private island and surrounds herself with brilliant and accomplished women: the genius painter, the genius chef, the genius scholar, the genius … Continue reading

BAK(emonogatari) TO THE BEGINNING.

Return to the mesmerizing world of Japanese phenom NISIOISIN’s Monogatari series, with the first of the legendary Bakemonogatari stories. English-language readers got their first delicious taste of Monogatari last year, when Vertical released Kizumonogatari: Wound Tale, a stand-alone prequel to … Continue reading

Blood is Thicker than Water

Two young women…bound together by a tragic incident from the past that has damaged them both beyond repair. When Kanako Akiba walks into the sketchy Ice Storm bar, it’s with the express purpose of meeting the bartender, Miho Tsuzuki. At … Continue reading

George RR Martin’s Noir Werewolf Tale Skin Trade Coming to TV

Fans of author George R.R. Martin and his incredible series Game of Thrones have a new treat coming their way soon to the small screen.  Skin Trade, the noir World Fantasy Award winning werewolf story, is being adapted for television … Continue reading

News & Reviews – 7/11/15Come visit us at SDCC Booth #1833!…

News & Reviews – 7/11/15

Come visit us at SDCC Booth #1833!

The Lion of Rora presents moments of history depicted with captivating art.“

The Lion of Rora: “exciting stories that have the added benefit of being true.“

Tech Times rounds up every single Invader Zim #1 cover for your viewing pleasure.

“In awe and marveled by what Joe’s done“ in issue #12 of The Bunker

George R.R. Martin Returns to Comics

Celebrated New York Times Bestselling Author George R.R. Martin returns to comics this month with the vibrant adaptation of his classic tale – In the House of the Worm.  Martin is the leading fantasy fiction writer with his novels and … Continue reading