David Lapham’s Ferals

The werewolf mythology has been around for a long time.  David Lapham took the supernatural tales and created something modern and visceral with his reinvention of the material.  Ferals is a fierce and unforgiving story about a lineage of feral … Continue reading

Best of Avatar Press Horror Sale

Do you love horror?  Avatar Press is steeped in the tradition of embracing the frightening and delivering some of the most spine chilling tales in all of comics.  For fans that have waited for the right time to step into … Continue reading

Halloween Spotlight: Ferals

It is that time of year, when fans and readers prowl about their local comic shops looking for the best in undiscovered horror comics to enjoy during the Halloween season.  If you are looking for something that will fit nicely … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/30/14

Avatar Press new titles in comic shops Wednesday 4/30/14: Absolution Vol 2 TPB Rubicon PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Screenwriter CHRISTOS GAGE takes his network television hardboiled crime sensibilities back to the violent world he created to reveal the fate of police superhero … Continue reading

David Lapham’s Ferals & Caligula Bundles at ComiXology

David Lapham has made a career of creating unique horrors for the comic reading community.  There aren’t two more vicious and terrifying series than his work on Ferals and Caligula. In Ferals Lapham revisits his crime noir roots while single … Continue reading

New in February Previews – Uber Year 2 Begins

Avatar Press is proud to present the second year of Kieron Gillen’s radical reinvention of the super solider comic book, Uber, with Uber #12.  Illustrating this pivotal new arc is Ferals artist Gabriel Andrade, whose visceral work bringing Dale Chesnutt … Continue reading

Sneak Peek at Uber Special

This March, Kieron Gillen’s alternate history war epic will reveal the back story of the deadly German Battleship Ubers in the Uber Special #1.  This 40 page one shot story features the art of Gabriel Andrade, the artist that made … Continue reading

Ferals Chapter 3 Leads to All Out War

David Lapham’s redefining of the werewolf mythology into a vital, horrifying, and vicious survival tale has been one of the must-read horror comics of the past few years.  Dale Chesnutt is a flawed sheriff and a feral man that has … Continue reading

Avatar on ComiXology 11/27/13

The following comics are new to ComiXology on Wednesday 11/27/13: Same Day As Print: Crossed: Badlands #42 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Emiko is a broken girl.  Her art expresses the horror and violence she holds close to her with gore filled imagery … Continue reading

Avatar New In Comic Shops 11/27/13

New Avatar Press books in comic shops this week on Wednesday 11/27/13: Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The greatest issue yet is only $1.99 cover price.  Bleeding Cool Magazine returns for its yearly, and most controversial feature – the Top … Continue reading

Avatar Look Ahead – December Previews

Coming soon to Previews and your local comic shop are all the hot new properties from Avatar Press for February shipping.  Look for these exciting projects in the new Previews that comes out on Wednesday 11/27! God is Dead Becomes … Continue reading

Avatar on ComiXology 11/20/13

The following comics are new to ComiXology on Wednesday 11/20/13: Same Day As Print: Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #12 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   The end is here as DAVID HINE tells the final bloody chapter in the Night of the Living … Continue reading

Avatar Digital Same Day As Print Launches With ComiXology 11/6/13

Avatar Press begins same day as print availability for new comic books beginning Wednesday 11/6 on ComiXology.  The first titles to be available digitally will be Christos Gage’s Absolution: Rubicon #5, Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead #3, and Kieron Gillen’s … Continue reading

Avatar Horrors for Halloween

Avatar Press has always been a home to some of the creepiest horror comics being published.  The uncensored vision of some of today’s biggest creators has led to the creation of nightmares that haunt dreams and comic shelves with visceral … Continue reading

Ferals #17 Delivers the Goods

David Lapham’s Ferals series has been one of the best violent horror dramas of the past few years.  Officer Dale Chesnutt has developed from country hick to a strange sort of alpha Feral.  And in that time he’s seen family … Continue reading

Avatar in Comic Shops 10/30/13

Avatar celebrates Halloween with two frightening new comics in comic shops on Wednesday 10/30: Crossed: Badlands #40 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Horror master DAVID HINE returns to Crossed: Badlands to tell a story set on day one of the outbreak – in … Continue reading