Let’s Talk Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is officially 20 years old! It’s a huge milestone and Bebop’s popularity is still as strong as ever. The question was, how do we celebrate? There were already a number of standard and exclusive releases out there (we all own them, too), and we wanted to create a commemorative set which celebrates such an important […]

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The Halfway Mark

I was 28 years old when Elfquest began. Now I’m going on 65. That’s 37 years of living, working and observing the star-reaching grandeur and repetitive idiocy of the human condition—the smaller truth within the larger.
Richard and I did not know that all our musings during drives to nowhere and our long story talks about Final Quest (which coalesced in the form of a written treatment in the mid 1990s) would lead us to the halfway mark of an ambitious 24 issue, bi-monthly, color comic series in 2015.


We’ve only just met him, but ElfQuest’s newest mystery character has gotten a profile page. What are your first impressions and wildest theories about Dre-ahn, the “loneliest of the lonely”?