Fan-Father Introduces His Kids to ElfQuest

We’d like to give “Dad of the Year Award” to ElfQuest fan Jared Reese, who shared this wonderful story with us: I grew up reading ElfQuest, and some of my greatest early memories with my father are days we spent scouring local comic shops or visiting conventions, always looking to add some more of the […]

You worked hard this year — #TreatYoSuperSelf. #FathersDay

You worked hard this year — #TreatYoSuperSelf. #FathersDay

Because some of his Dad jokes are actually funny. Make these…

Because some of his Dad jokes are actually funny. Make these pops for Pops for Father’s Day!

Time To Celebrate – Father’s Day

Fatherhood is hard. It’s especially hard when your children may grow up with powers or in a world full of danger! It’s no secret that anime dads typically aren’t the paragons of parenting, but we still want to highlight the men that were there for their kids. This list isn’t in any particular order and […]

20 Times ElfQuest Dads Were the Greatest

There are some wonderful examples of good fathering and paternal love in the pages of ElfQuest. Here are twenty of the greatest dads (or dads-to-be) and most memorable fatherhood moments from over the decades.