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Having Fun, Doing Good, at San Diego Comic-Con International

When you go to an event like San Diego Comic-Con International, the goal is
usually to have fun, see panels that reveal news about your favorite geeky
media, cosplay, and to get those Comic-Con exclusive collectibles. However,
there is more going on than just that. For Random Acts, a group of people
organized by fan-favorite actor Misha Collins, it’s about getting people to
think about how they can make a difference in the world and make their
world better.

The POP Comics® Summer Catalogue Is Here!

Check out free manga & comics from creators all over the world – and upload
your own. All through your phone, at the POP Comics® app! In this
first-ever catalogue, many of the Founding Creators’ works are featured.
Create. Share. Read.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Magical Cat Ghee

This week, we feature “THE MAGICAL CAT GHEE” from creator japamanga: When a
strange light turns all magicians in Durhein to cats, one cat named Ghee
embarks on journey to bring back a world filled with hope… 

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Scifies

This week, we feature “SCIFIES” from creator Ramon Gil: Discover a
humorous, exciting collection of the best stories from Ramon Gil’s science
fiction anthology.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Shonen King

This week, we feature “Shonen King” from creator isaac.shapiro: A loving,
fourth-wall-breaking parody of the world of shonen manga and shonen manga

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Heavenly C

This week, we feature “Heavenly C” from creator sohdonald: Venture into the
world of Pistis. A dangerous planet filled with colossal creatures known as
rushwas. Hunting these beasts are the young couple, Noah and Zoey. This
adorable duet are far more than just lovers. They are gods whose “covenant”
will not only reshape the world of Pistis, but our world as well. 

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: The Elephant Book

This week, we feature “The Elephant Book” from creator M. Alice LeGrow
: When two young people named Williams and Fairfax wake up in a cheap motel
with no memories, they have no idea they’re about to be torn between two
covert groups! Full of action, adventure, fantasy and crab fries, The
Elephant Book is an exciting new series from the creator of Bizenghast
about the power of human imagination and invention.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Hannibal Goes To Rome

This week, we feature “Hannibal Goes To Rome” from creator bankshot: To
fulfill an oath to his dead father, general Hannibal Barca declares war on
the nascent Roman Empire. Then things get ludicrous.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Shadowbinders

This week, we feature “Shadowbinders” from creator Clownfish Studios! When
teenage girl Mia White is transported to the fantastical world of Belatyr
courtesy of her grandfather’s antique watch, adventure, hilarity and teen
angst ensue!

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: The Ocean of Secrets

This week, we feature “The Ocean of Secrets” from creator Sophie-chan —
when fate pulls 17-year-old Mia from her into a world of fantasy, an
incredible journey full of secrets, strength, and danger begins.