Review: Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle – NerdSpan

Review: Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle – NerdSpan: NerdSpan recommends BROBOTS AND THE KAIJU…

Enter Vermintown Again

Simon Spurrier’s Disenchanted web comic is redefining modern fantasy tales with a hard edged crime noir flavor.  In the sprawling miniature city that holds all the wee people from pixies to sprites to goblins, contemporary vices of drugs, violence, and … Continue reading

Are You Disenchanted?

Simon Spurrier has given us some wonderful characters.  From his Crossed story arcs which tread the line of sanity to his weekly installments of Crossed: Wish You Were Here, his tales are filled with fresh characters and disturbingly unique horrors. … Continue reading

Disenchanted Tales From the Angry Wee People

Simon Spurrier is feeling a bit…disenchanted.  This well known creative author has written comics from Marvel, Boom, and of course Avatar covering a wide range of characters and topics.  From crazed bloodthirsty infested in Crossed to a gunslinging gorilla in … Continue reading